10 Steps to The Perfect Bedroom

Had enough of your bedroom and want a change. Our ten steps guides you through planning your perfect bedroom and what you should think about. Take your time and do it properly and the results will look amazing, from choosing the right colors and bed linens to furniture, finishes and more !!

1) Think about what you want.   With so many design blogs and images on Pinterest and the web to use as references, spend time looking at things that you like and what interests you. Make your own mood board of images and articles you like, colors or finishes that you find, furniture that works with your existing or what you would purchase – the goal is to try to focus down on what you are really looking for.


2) Take measurements. Before spending hours on finishes and fixtures that you dream of, make sure the space works. Think about the space planning – are you looking for minimal design with clean lines or a cozy shabby chic feel to the bedroom. Draw up a plan if you can with windows, doors, heating to see what can go where and what is a no no!   And remember doing planning before will save a lot of heartache when you buy that King Size bed when you only have room for a Queen Size.


3) Walls, floors and lighting.   Get the basics right from the start. Adding colors to the walls can change the ambience of the room dramatically or if patterns are what you want, think of wallpapers. Or if you have exposed walls or concrete, and looking for the natural elegance of the stones itself, these all will have an impact on what your room will look like with all the finishes.   Think about the flooring, is it wooden, carpeted, do you need rugs – it’s the bedroom so you should feel comfortable with what is under your feet. The lighting plays an important part as well – are the lighting sockets in the right places, is the lighting adjustable or dimmable, do you want the lighting hidden, LED strips as example to create washes or are you looking at cozy side lamps. Again, think of the basics from the start.


4) Out with the old in with the new.   Now its crunch time to decide, is this an all new make over with everything in new or are you going to use existing furniture from your bedroom or other parts of your house. Recycling furniture is a great thing when possible. Think about what works with your existing and what look you want to achieve with your new bedroom – mixing new and old is fine, but think about the end result rather than a room looking like a mixed salad.   Once again now you have decided on what you want, make sure you plan properly the space, does it fit, is this the result you want – doing this on paper saves a lot of money buying and then regretting.


5) The most important decision – buying the right bed. There is no simple advice here but to buy the best possible bed you can. From Swiss brands like Elite Beds to Ikea, buy the best you can afford ! You spend most of your life in this small space of your home yet so many people skimp on quality. Not only will you sleep better, you will feel better and quality beds last for a long time. Do your research on the type of mattress as well – sprung, latex etc.. again spend time trying out the different options.   The bed itself comes in many designs so think what works for your room – modern simple lines or grand traditional beds. Again think of the space and remember under the beds provides ample room for storage of linens and more. Finishes such as headboards or side tables should be factored in according to taste and overall functionality.


6) With the basic finishes selected from floor to ceiling and the furniture to go, now’s the time to think about the draperies or window finishes. Adding a heavy drapery can dramatically change the look of a room plus how the natural light enters the room. Think about what you need in layers e.g. blackouts maybe if your in the city, acoustical blinds or drapes that block out noise, sheers or light day curtains for privacy.   Think about the type of fabrics or blinds you want – natural cottons or linens, heavy ornate jacquards or natural woods. The size of these finishes can have a major impact on the room, if they are merely for decorative around the window or do the fabrics themselves style the walls of the room.



7) Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom can make a major difference in the overall feeling. Freestanding floor lights, side table, wall mounted, hidden LED, the options are endless as are the materials. The Italian companies make some incredible lighting if you want to spend a little bit more money, with timeless pieces from brands such as Artemide and Flos. Again think of what works in your room – a floral lampshade might just not work in that loft environment but maybe it will!!


8) If your going for rugs, think about what works both size and color wise. With incredible designs from modern to classic, again buying a quality rug will last over time.   There is nothing nicer than walking on a silk rug but it can be delicate, so maybe a wool rug or something different works. From the Middle and Far East and places like Morocco come incredible rugs to contemporary design from the European and US labels.   Again think about recycling as well, vintage rugs look fantastic on wooden floors.


9) Bed linens, the one thing that most people overlook. Think of the bed linen as an art canvas, 6ft long. You spend time choosing artwork, so spend time choosing bed linens whether it be a duvet cover, sheet or a simple pillow.   Apart from all the jargon of thread counts, choose natural fabrics if you can – cotton or linen. Whether it is satin cotton or Egyptian plain cotton, a print or plain, buy the best you can. There is nothing nicer than sleeping in beautiful bed linen. The Italians have been making the best bed linens for years and nowadays a new range of labels have appeared selling premium quality Italian linens at much more affordable pricing. Color wise, think about using contrasting colors for the pillows and duvet or working with neutral tones and of course simply white linens.   With a lot of artists now collaborating with textile labels, there are some incredible pieces of art being transferred to bed linens, themselves being unique pieces of work that can transform the overall feeling within the bedroom.   

10) With everything in now, its time to add the final styling to the room. Whether this is hanging art on walls to accessorizing furniture, adding a throw or some cushions, its these last final touches that make the bedroom personal. Some people prefer a bedroom to be totally simple and clutter free, some people love to fill up the bedroom with all forms of personal effects – its your choice but think again before buying items what do you really want. And as always, unless your making a disposable room, buying those time less classic pieces is always a good investment. If your going to put electrical items like TV’s and Stereo’s in the room think about their usage and overall space implication. The thought of having a 50inch TV in your room may sound appealing but a week later may become the item that destroys the overall remake of your bedroom and do you really need a TV in every single room of the house!!   We always say less is more but it’s a personal choice.


The last thing to finish off your room is a simple one, a good book to read at the side of the bed. The ultimate finish to any good room!!  Enjoy your perfect bedroom !

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