Summer Vibes | Cotton Beach Towels

Time to hit the beach or the park with our latest collection of two tone Summer XL Cotton Beach Towels & Mini Blankets. Woven in a unique jacquard cotton construction, these are unlike your normal beach towel & blanket. Super soft cotton, vibrant colours - they look the part on any beach in the world (or park too) - Bondi, Copacabana, Fuerteventura, Nassau & Salinas make up the collection.

Bondi beach towel - 90 x 140cm / 36" x 56"

Nassau beach towel - 90 x 140cm / 36" x 56"

Copacabana beach towel - 90 x 140cm / 36" x 56"

Fuerteventura beach towel - 90 x 140cm / 36" x 56"

Salinas beach towel - 90 x 140cm / 36" x 56"



"Father's day" is a special day to celebrate your dad and ZigZagZurich reminds you that this day is right around the corner: we are here to help you find the perfect gift!

So take a look at our selection any Dad will totally love!



In order: Ginza, Flagged, Jingo, Gravity and Jango designed by Michele Rondelli, Sunny Todd and Kapitza.
The Artist Cotton Blanket is the perfect accessory for a summer full of fun & style!
Use it at the beach, on the sofa, at the park for picnics, camping, sporting events. Indoor or outdoor: the choice is yours!


#2 BEDDING: Linen & Jeans Collection
Natural Linen bedding yarn dyed in blue melange.
A wonderful mid weight yarn dyed melange linen bedding from our master weaver in Italy. This yarn dyed linen is woven with the two colour yarns to create the melange weave. The vintage wash makes it super soft. A modern yet classical weave.


Jeans bedding yarn dyed.
Woven from the finest Egyptian cotton in a unique denim weave. We mix the colours of the yarns when we weave to give it the Denim look for your bed. This development of fabric is pure premium Italian weaving at its best. Lovingly Made In Italy.


4Spaces Bedspread Monte: 94% Egypt. Cotton, 6% Cashmere. Add warmth to the bedroom. #SoCozy!




Our Bonnie & Clyde Wool cushion collection uses an Italian woven recycled wool that is both soft to touch yet extremely durable.




Handloom Turkish Towels Pom Pom for home or outside: bath, beach, park, pool, sofa or bed. The Pom Pom towels are woven on old looms in Turkey. They get softer and softer with age, woven in super thick soft cotton that last for a lifetime.


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