The width of a daytime curtain depends entirely on your preferences and the look you're trying to achive. Some people prefer a very flat curtain, some people prefer a full curtain - with lots of waves in it. We specialize in weaving extra wide fabrics which means we cab make single large panels instead of lots of small panels - a more modern look combined with the refined fabrics we weave. Everything we do is handmade so we can make any size to order. Our universal sewing system, means that once you insert the hooks, you can attach gliders to a ceiling mounted rail or if you have a pole, attach curtains rings to the hooks. It's all designed to be simple to install yet give the look of real luxury.


1. Measure the desired width with a meter or measuring tape. If you want a curtain pair per window, halve the measured distance by two and order two curtains from it. 

2. Decide how much fabric you want in the curtain. In a flat confection add 10% (measured dimension x 1.1.) so that it covers enough laterally. If you want a normal falling curtain, you add 50% (measured size x 1.5), for a lush look you add 10% (measured size x 2). 

3. Indicate how you want the garment above. Our standard ready made comes with a universal sewing band at the top of the curtain where you simply insert hooks. 


1. Measure from the bottom edge of the curtain rail to flush with floor or window sill. Measure on the left, center and on the right as a room rarely has a uniform height and 1 or 2 cm can make a difference. 

2. Depending on your personal taste, subtract a few centimeters from the measure obtained or: 

a) Minus 1.5cm: Curtain hangs about 1-2cm above the ground. 

b) 0cm: Curtain is pratically on the ground. 

c) You can have the curtain pooling on the ground - especially heavy fabrics.


Give your rooms the perfect look by combining a day curtain sheer with a blackout curtain. The choice of a sheer, blackout or dim-out curtain allows you to decide how much light you want to let in and gives you privacy as well. 


DIM-OUT means that the 90-99% of the light is blocked out.

BLACKOUT means that the 100% of all incoming light is blocked out.

Fabrics like linen and cotton are heavier fabrics that almost act like a dim-out. Our cotton and linen fabrics are yarn dyed, this means that the fabrics have a much more intensive colour and will be more resistant to sunlight and fading compared to cheap fabrics. 


Romano Hänni X ZigZagZurich

Signs & Symbols 
Romano Hänni is a Swiss artist and typographer, experimenting with unusual composition of symbols since 1980s. The bedding "Words make the infinite finite" is the textile translation of Hänni's book hand printed in black, red and blue ink. Romano Hänni can be considered a master of visual poetry. Although language can be explanatory, he believes that only signs and symbols evoke notions. Without signs or symbols, even the most modern of world views becomes impoverished. 
"Words make the infinite finite" bedding by Romano Hänni
Production process of the book "Words make the infinite finite": from the first hand sketch to the hand composing of the printing forms in lead and brass lines to the printing on the hand proofing press.

Roland Schär X ZigZagZurich

Roland Schär
Rhythms, Colours and Textures
Roland Schär is a visual artist and designer born in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied art history in Zurich and Paris and painting in Toulouse, France. His work has been shown in many exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Since 2007 he teaches graphics and textile design at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris, where he is also Head of the textile department since 2012. Schär's work shows the reminiscence of landscapes seen and materials observed: rythms, colors and textures are combined in a game of proportions. The shapes of the colours meet and connect from side to side of the fabric in a free and spontaneous painting movement. 
Panoramas bedding by Roland Schär
PANORAMAS bedding by Roland Schär
Strokes bedding by Roland Schär
STROKES bedding by Roland Schär
Waves bedding by Roland Schär
WAVES bedding by Roland Schär
Roland Schär studio
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