Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding in Colours That Redefine Your Bedroom

After a year of hard work we are pleased to show our Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding collection available now in 16 colours.  From blues to greys, whites to anthrazit, ambers, khakis, rust and more - there is truly something for everyone.

We take the finest Italian spun Egyptian Cotton yarns and dye them first before weaving them in a unique way to give our unique Vintage effect.  After washing and drying in special hot baths, the fabric has a unique soft texture to it whilst having "body" to its appearance.  

This is Vintage Egyptian Cotton bedding like you have never seen before, ZigZagZurich style.  











Why Does Italy Make the Best Bedding and Duvet Covers?

Italy has long been associated with the weaving and production of fine textiles since hundreds of years. Time honoured traditions have been handed down through the generations with globally recognised brands having their roots deeply seeded in Italy.  Those who have been lucky enough to sleep in Italian Duvet Covers and bed linens know what quality means,

Over the last 40 years as the far east and...

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