Egyptian cotton bedding and why you just have to sleep in it

What is so special about Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a very high quality fiber with extra long staple length. The staple length is the fiber length of a yarn. Egyptian cotton is grown mainly in the Nile Delta, where the warm, dry climate is ideal for growing cotton.

Our special vintage luxury bedding collection celebrates traditional weaving and high quality manufacturing, everything is made and confectioned in Italy. The fabrics are woven in our weaving mill in Italy, in small quantities, from the finest Egyptian cotton. They are first colored in a special process to give them their unique intensity. The woven fabric is then washed in old conventional water tubs hot and then dried. The fabrics are so softer and get a nice and textured surface, with a unique grip. Some call it antique, others 'shabby chic', for us it is exclusively yarn-dyed and handcrafted Italian luxury bedding. 

Why Egyptian cotton is the best to sleep in.

In general, Egyptian cotton is the preferred fiber. It breathes, resulting in cool comfort under warm and to warmth in cold conditions. Cotton washes easily and well also Egyptian Cotton is skin-friendly and anti-allergic. Unlike synthetic fabric, Egyptian cotton is a natural product and contains no chemicals. The entire plant can be completely recycled from the production of yarns and fabrics to the production of cooking oils and plastics. The long, luxurious fibers of Egyptian cotton are stronger than other fibers and are easier to spin into threads. The uniform length of the threads make them easy to weave into a stable, shimmering fabric. Although it enjoys a good reputation worldwide and is grown internationally, Egyptian cotton accounts for only 0.5% of global cotton production. This will keep her luxury status. The high-quality fibers are particularly soft, stable and resilient.

 Yarn Dyed Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding Collection

Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Col. Nickel 

Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Col. Indigo

Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Col. Baby Blue 


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Gift Ideas

1. Vintage Egyptian Cotton duvet & pillows 2. Wool pillow 3. "Unafraid" cotton blanket 4. Matt Velvet pillow 5. "Sol Entre Ondas" wool blanket 6. Wool pillow 7. "Gunta" wool blanket 8. "Bang!" cotton blanket 9. Baby Alpaca blanket 

1. Vintage Egyptian Cotton duvet & pillows 2. "Konstructiv" wool blanket 3. "Fuji" cotton blanket 4. CoopDPS "Milano" wallpaper 5. Wool pillow 6. "Bauhaused 3" wool blanket 7. "November Morning" Bedding 8. Baby Alpaca blanket 9. "Punto 2" wool blanket

1. Panama Linen duvet & pillows 2. Wool pillow 3. "The Pederstrians iiii" 4. Matt Velvet Pillow 5. "Heroes" wool blanket 6. CoopDPS "Assab two" wallpaper 7. Baby Alpaca blanket 

1. "Blossom" shower curtain 2. "A Faux Pas" wool blanket 3. "Osmosis" pillow 4. "Nonna" wool blanket 5. "Venn" bedding


1. "PoMo" shower curtain 2. Floor wool pillow 3. Baby Alpaca blanket 4. "The 1973 Print" bedding 5. "A Melange" wool blanket

1. "Baby's Breath" bedding 2. Baby Alpaca blanket 3. Velvet pillow 4. "Flagged" cotton blanket 5. Vintage Egyptian Cotton duvet & pillows 6. Baby Alpaca blanket

1. "Strokes" bedding by Roland Schär 2. CoopDPS "Earth" pillows 3. "Join Me" Cotton Blanket 4. "Sketch 1" Cotton Blanket 5. "Peru" Wool Blanket 6. Pom Pom towel 7. "X Marks the Spot" Cotton Blanket

Romano Hänni X ZigZagZurich

Signs & Symbols 
Romano Hänni is a Swiss artist and typographer, experimenting with unusual composition of symbols since 1980s. The bedding "Words make the infinite finite" is the textile translation of Hänni's book hand printed in black, red and blue ink. Romano Hänni can be considered a master of visual poetry. Although language can be explanatory, he believes that only signs and symbols evoke notions. Without signs or symbols, even the most modern of world views becomes impoverished. 
"Words make the infinite finite" bedding by Romano Hänni
Production process of the book "Words make the infinite finite": from the first hand sketch to the hand composing of the printing forms in lead and brass lines to the printing on the hand proofing press.

Roland Schär X ZigZagZurich

Roland Schär
Rhythms, Colours and Textures
Roland Schär is a visual artist and designer born in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied art history in Zurich and Paris and painting in Toulouse, France. His work has been shown in many exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Since 2007 he teaches graphics and textile design at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris, where he is also Head of the textile department since 2012. Schär's work shows the reminiscence of landscapes seen and materials observed: rythms, colors and textures are combined in a game of proportions. The shapes of the colours meet and connect from side to side of the fabric in a free and spontaneous painting movement. 
Panoramas bedding by Roland Schär
PANORAMAS bedding by Roland Schär
Strokes bedding by Roland Schär
STROKES bedding by Roland Schär
Waves bedding by Roland Schär
WAVES bedding by Roland Schär
Roland Schär studio
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