Sydney 100% Pure Wool Curtain 300cm / 118” Extra Wide - Light Grey 006

SFr. 349

Sydney 100% Pure Wool Curtain 300cm / 118” Extra Wide - Light Grey 006

Wool and linen curtains are not only the most exquisite but also the most elegant and timeless window decoration you can apply in a modern home. In addition to our linen palette, we introduce ‚SYDNEY’, a semi transparent day curtain in 100% Wool.

Our vertical production in Italy starts with sourcing the wool fibre carefully in New Zealand and Australia. The natural materials are then cleaned, dyed and spun into the finest yarns using artisanal techniques fused with modern technology respecting the strictest environmental regulations. The yarns are then woven and finished with the same care and quality ZigZagZurich has been known for since our beginning.

Wool curtain filters the light in a superb and elegant way. Due to wool’s natural characteristics, the curtains will have an impact on the comfort level in any room, regulating humidity and balancing accoustics.

Extra wide curtains bring a new look to your windows. Instead of many small curtains hanging to cover a window, with our collection you can have one curtain creating a wall of stunning fabric in different colors for your home. Perfect in todays modern houses & lofts with large glass windows or equally at home in any location. Each panel is 300cm / 118 inches wide and 300cm / 118 inches high made of the highest quality wool.

100% Wool, yarn dyed and woven
dry cleaning

Made in Italy

We can make any CUSTOM SIZE curtains for your home.
Please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com for more information.

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