Carmen Boog

Hand Embroidered One of A Kind Pillows & Cushions - Cork Fabric

SFr. 99 SFr. 165

Hand Embroidered One of A Kind Cushions on CORK Fabric by Carmen Boog

Each piece is unique, there are no two pieces the same.  

Carmen Boog creates the pattern directly during the embroidery process. The pattern appears out of the moment and is inspired by a music song. Each pillow is one of a kind based on the music she is working to - random shapes appear depending on the tempo and beat of the music.

The embroidery is done with a traditional „Lorraine“ embroidery machine, moving the fabric by hand to "draw" with the embroidery machine.

100% Cork Fabric - This is a unique fabric we developed that is real cork from the trees, being both a sustainable and environmental product yet offering a unique luxury feel to it.  Suitable for both floor and decorative uses

Beautifully smooth to touch, with subtle embroidery.  Keeps cool in the summer, easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Available in two sizes every pillow is custom made and unique.

If you want to request a special custom pillow with your own choice of song email us at sales ( at ) and we will come back with a offer for you.

50 x 25 cm (19.6“ x 9.8“)

80 x 80 cm ( 32" x 32" ) Floor Cushions 

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