Made By Rain - A Tale of Weather That Created an Art Piece

“The wonderful thing about rain is that it outlines the contour of the immediate landscape around your. You hear the space.  —  Quote from a blind man.”

In order to capture the experience of rainfall on textile, Dutch designer and artist Aliki van der Kruijs developed a technique named ‘pluviography’.

Using filmed textiles sensitive to water she visually records all sorts of rainfall, from light drizzles to torrential showers. These bed sheets reflect the rain exactly as it fell from the sky in Amsterdam on Thursday April 5th 2012. The weather that afternoon was unstable, with blue skies alternating heavy rain showers.

Whenever van der Kruijs would see another rainstorm approaching, she’d hurry up on the roof and catch the drops on large sheets of fabric. From the imprints of these raindrops she created this design. Just like a rain shower, every set of bed sheets is one of a kind.

Made by Rain x ZigZagZurich 1Made by Rain x ZigZagZurich 1Made by Rain x ZigZagZurich


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