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CoopDPS - The Post Crisis Collection

CoopDPS is a new name in design.

Even if the idea and the energy behind it has been taking shape in the minds of two designers for quite some time, it was the opportunity to create a collection of textiles with 4Spaces and ZigZagZurich that was the decisive moment to formally recognise this new cooperation between Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden - two internationally recognised designers, who came to the attention of the public as founder members of Memphis, the Italian group that changed the idea of design forever with the first Memphis exhibition in Milano, September 1981.

The work of Du Pasquier and Sowden was fundamental to the renewal of interest in decoration and their designs have become an iconic documentation of change from the early ‘80’s until today.

Following their collaboration in the early years of the 1980’s, they worked separately – Nathalie Du Pasquier as an artist; George Sowden managing his industrial design office and more recently producer and distributor of his own-name brand – Sowden

However, over the years neither of them lost interest in decoration as a special way of expression and it remains a big part of their body of work. With the recent interest and demand for their designs, Du Pasquier and Sowden have chosen CoopDPS as the logo to collectively name the new work they are doing together.

CoopDPS Logo at ZigZagZurich