​Shade Outdoor Vorhang - Extrabreit 300cm /118" Grün 09


Shade Outdoor Curtain - Extra Wide 300cm / 118 "Green 09

An outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to have a cup of coffee. But when the sun is too hot or your neighbors have the opportunity to lean over the porch rail to grab a burger from your grill, outside curtains can do the trick to ensure privacy and shade for your favorite outdoor retreat!

With our outdoor curtain SHADE you can make your balcony, terrace or garden fit for summer! It serves as privacy and wind protection or as UV protection in one. The fabric meets Ökotex Standard 100, is lightfast, colourfast and weatherproof, even in contact with salt water or bleach. SHADE is available in two versions, either with an eyelet or with our standard transparent tape.

Lichtechtheit: ISO 105-B02 Artf. Weathering, 6-8 color dependent
Waschechtehit: ISO 195-C06:2010, 5(max.5)
Farbechtheit: UNE-EN 20105 N01:1996m, 5(max.5)
Fabrechtheit in Kontakt mit Salzwasser: BS EN ISO 105-, 4-5(max.5)
Farbechtheit in Kontakt mit Chorwasser: BS EN ISO 105-, 4-5(max.5)
Farbechtheit bei Trockenreingung: ISO 105-D01:2010, 4-5(max.5)

UV40 Standard 801

100% acrylic outdoor

ALL CUSTOMIZED CURTAINS CAN BE ORDERED - PLEASE WRITE AN EMAIL - sales@zigzagzurich.com for custom-made

curtain measuring instructions - here

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