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May 07, 2021



ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of the creative director Michele Rondelli and the founders of ZigZagZurich.

The new ZigZagZurich 2021 Artist Cotton Blankets Collection adds new artists to its international roaster: Paris based artist Carlo Amen, New York City designer Denise Carbonell and French artist Kevin Lucbert. The 2021 Artist Cotton Blanket Collection is inspired by geometric and abstract shapes in vibrating summer colours. 

The Collection:

‘Balance‘ blanket by Denise Carbonell is inspired by a snapshot of a handmade mobile in motion. Winds and shapes playing together are captured into a beautiful blanket.

Balance Cotton Blankets & Throws by Denise Carbonell

Balance by Denise Carbonell

‘Dedale‘ blanket by Kevin Lucbert is inspired by the ancient motif of the labyrinth which comes from the mythological Minotaur maze built by King Minos in Crete, more simplified and abstract. He only kept the walls whose height is unknown. “I was interested in the almost abstract rhythm of the passages and walls whose juxtaposition form the labyrinth” says Lucbert.

Dedale Cotton Blankets & Throws by Kevin Lucbert - OrangeDedale Orange by Kevin Lucbert

Dedale Cotton Blankets & Throws by Kevin Lucbert - Turquoise

Dedale Turquoise by Kevin Lucbert


Caricatured masks of the noble Maasai tribe have been translated into ‘Maasai‘ blanket by Sophie Probst.

Maasai by Michele Rondelli & Sophie Probst


‘Amour‘ by Carlo Amen is influenced by neo cubism, minimal colorful lines and silhouettes that transmit a feeling, an opinion. The colors are bright and the lines precise, playful and dynamic.


Amour by Carlo Amen


‘Babylon‘ by Michele Rondelli & Celine Cornu evokes an idyllic garden. Hand drawn in a spontaneous and naive way to give it freshness, its aerial curves and pastel colors bring a touch of softness to any interiors.

Babylon Cotton Blankets & Throws by Celine Cornu & Michele Rondelli

Babylon by Michele Rondelli & Celine Cornu

Primary Cotton Blankets & Throws by Sophie Probst & Michele Rondelli

Primary by Michele Rondelli & Sophie Probst

No Title Cotton Blankets & Throws by Sophie Probst & Michele RondelliNo Title by Michele Rondelli & Sophie Probst



Carlo Amen is a multidisciplinary artist graduated in Literature and Plastic Art studies. He learned screen printing in Spain and founded HANHAN magazine for which he covers the position of Art Director and Photographer. He was artist residency at Recyclart art center in Belgium where he also met a taxidermy artist with whom he collaborated by stuffing and tattooing animals. This is how, in 2013, Carlo took his steps in tattooing. For the past 6 years, he has not stopped tattooing and creating. Making tattooing one his major assets will give Carlo a certain reputation that will make him tattoo around the world, from Mexico though Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Denise Carbonell's ‘Mobiles‘ series have been translated into the ‘Balance‘ blanket. ‘Balance‘ blanket is inspired by a snapshot of a handmade mobile in motion. Carbonell is a multidisciplinary artist from New York City who works with metal, fiber, wood, wire, paint and paper. She began her career on 7th Avenue and recently moved her design studio, Metal&Thread, to Asheville, N.C.

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist born in 1985 in Paris. Awarded a diploma in 2008 of the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris, he lives and works today between Berlin and Paris. Member of an artist collective, The Ensaders, he participates regularly in performances, exhibitions and leads workshops of drawing. While working on his own creative projects, he also draws for French and international companies such as The New York Times, Hermès, Mondadori, Starbucks.

Sophie Probst is a German textile designer that lives and works in Zurich. Since 2015 she completed her diploma at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Art. Her greatest love was in the production of modern textiles in the classic crafts of weaving and knitting. During her studies whilst in Barcelona she deepened her interest in graphic and multi-colored patterns, drawing incredible pieces of artwork and transforming them onto raw fabrics. Her designs are a celebration of colour and freedom, with intricate detail that covers broad spectrums of interest. Her travels in Asia and Europe have inspired her work to mix cultures.

Celine Cornu is a French textile designer. She completed her Master in textile design and surface materials at the Lille Higher School of Applied Arts. She draws inspiration from textile movements and its play of lights to create lively designs. Passionate about noble but also innovative fabrics, Celine likes to contrast traditional materials with a radically contemporary and clean aesthetic. In her creative process, she mixes digital and manual techniques to create renewal and amazement. “With textiles, it is matter of precision, of extreme sensuality, but also mystery and unspeakable.” – Celine Cornu.


Written by ZZZ Team

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