100% Yarn Dyed Linen Dishcloth - Set

SFr. 48.00

100% Yarn Dyed Linen Dishcloth - Set

This dishcloth-set of 4 cloths combines several advantages: It is made of cleaning-friendly linen woven in a waffle structure. The waffle structure causes a particularly good dirt absorption capacity. Linen is a natural material that is very durable, can absorb a lot of moisture and also release it quickly. Due to the smooth surface of the linen fibers, it is naturally dirt-repellent, so it is also easy to clean. Thanks to its rather low weight per unit area, the dishcloth is light and not so thick, but most importantly, it dries even faster than linen does anyway. And it is very flexible, so it can get into even the smallest corner. The set includes four cloths that are hemmed in different colors - so they can be assigned to different cleaning areas. 

We recommend washing the dishcloth and cleaning cloth before using it for the first time, because only then the waffle structure of the linen fabric is created by the shrinkage and it becomes nice and grippy. By the way, the longer such linen cloths are in use, the softer and more absorbent they become. They can withstand many, many washes and can easily compete with any microfiber cloth - but with a much better ecological balance, because at the end of their long cleaning life, the cloths, since they are made of a natural material, can even be disposed of in the compost.

All of the towels are made under the Oekotex 100 STANDARD certified meaning no harmful chemicals or synthetics used during production

Size: 30 x 30cm

Set of 4 cloths, color beige-nature, hemmed in different colors ( red, blue, green and yellow )

100% European Linen

Machine wash 60 degrees, not suitable for the dryer

Woven in Austria


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