CoopDPS 'Flower XL' Wallpaper

SFr. 96

CoopDPS  Flower XL Wallpaper by Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden

The new CoopDPS Wallpaper collection is printed on a special technical wallpaper that feels like handmade Japanese paper, yet is durable for both residential and restaurant, hotel and office installations ( fireproof, washable, lightfast, removable with water, easy to install).  Simply applied like standard wallpaper, it can be used for complete walls, highlight areas, screens and panels. Or simply framed as an art piece.

CoopDPS is the new cooperation between Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden - two internationally recognised designers, who came to the attention of the public as founder members of Memphis, the Italian group that changed the idea of design forever with the first Memphis exhibition in Milano, September 1981. The work of Du Pasquier and Sowden was fundamental to the renewal of interest in decoration and their designs have become an iconic documentation of change from the early ‘80’s until today.  ZigZagZurich is delighted to announce and produce this first collection of CoopDPS - The Post Crisis Collection.

60% Cellulose / 40% Polyester

Width 100cm

Passes most Fire tests so can be used in commercial premises - Euroclass BS1DO / ASTM 84 Class A/1

Washable / Lightfast

Standard paste to apply / Wet Strippable


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