Outdoor Mouline Curtain col. Linen - Extra Wide

SFr. 279.00

Outdoor Mouline Curtain col. Linen  - Extra Wide

An outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to sit and have a cup of coffee before you start your day. But if the sun is too hot, or if your neighbors seem close enough to lean over the porch rail and swipe a burger off the grill, outdoor curtains might just do the trick to increase privacy and shade for your perfect outdoor retreat.

With our outdoor curtains you make your balcony, your terrace or your garden fit for the summer! It serves as a screen, as a windbreak or as UV protection in one.

The fabric meets Oekotex Standard 100, is light- /colourfast and resistant to weathering, even if in contact with salt water or bleach.

Outdoor Mouline comes in two options, either with a grommet on top to be inserted into any stretched wire system or with our standard transparent ribbon and curtain hooks.

Fastness to light: ISO 105-B02 Arti. Weathering: 5-7 /
UV protection AS/NZS 4399/1996: UV40 Standard 801
Fastness to washing: ISO 105-C06:2010: 5/5
Colour fastness to bleaching UNE_EN 20105-N01:1996: 5/5
Colour fastness to sea water DIN EN ISO 105 E02: 5/5
Colour fastness to chlorinated water: DIN EN ISO 105 E03: 4 / 5
Colour fastness to dry cleaning ISO 105-D01:2010: 4-5/5
Dimensional change in washing and drying: warp -0,5%, weft: 2%
Resistance to pilling ISO 12945-2:2001: 4/5
Fastness to rubbing ISO 105-X12:2003: 5/5
Fastness to abrasion ( Martindale ) DIN EN ISO 12947-2: 25 000
Oekotex Standard 100

We can make any CUSTOM SIZE curtains for your home.

Please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com for more information.

Taking measurements for custom draperies - Info sheet here


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