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Fabio Almeida

Divisions. Balance. Color-Block.

Was born in Brazil and settled in the UK in the mid 1990’s where he studied painting at the City Lit Institute and Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Arts in London. He has exhibited widely and his work is found in a number of private collections in the UK, Europe and the US. Combining references from the realms of architecture, design and art history, Fabio Almeida creates large scale collages using a variety of materials including painted and found paper, markers, bleach and letraset. His playful compositions are laced with a sense of nostalgia - his colour palette, shapes and materials alluding to a bygone era of modern optimism but tinted with the gritty realities of present day living. His bedding for ZigZagZurich is based on a painting called Four Quarters. It plays with the idea of divisions and balance within a composition, suggesting building blocks creating a perilous structure.


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