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Jo Hummel

Space. Color. Form.

Jo Hummel studied at the Royal College of Art London. Her works are represented by galleries in London, Malmo and New York. She has exhibited extensively, with artworks included in both public and private collections and she has a growing international collector base.

Hummel's work is characterized by a painted and paper-collaged surface on which she employs spontaneous variations of space, colour and form. Although her painting collages are physically engaged and materially driven the context is purposefully anthropological and Hummel’s works are informed by human habits and behavior, with a particular interest in determinism and freewill just as much as formal concerns. The nature of collage is that throughout its creation a work is in constant flux. The artist must negotiate the canvas by rearranging, choosing and adjusting, often over long periods and having explored hundreds, even thousands of the infinite possible outcomes. In this way, the creative process itself is as significant as the final outcome.



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