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March 25, 2016

NY Mag 23 Funky Duvet Covers for Spring x ZigZagZurich

NY Mag 23 Funky Duvet Covers for Spring x ZigZagZurich-ZigZagZurich

NYMag's The Cut article on 23 Funky Duvet covers for Spring featuring the ZigZagZurich x CoopDPS Mercury Duvet cover available here to buy now

Full article below:

NY Mag The Cut Funky Duvet Covers x ZigZagZurich

Something’s happened to the staid duvet cover: It’s gotten a lot funkier. This is actually an exciting time for the bedding world in general, thanks to the rise of independent textile designers like Dusen Dusen and Scholten & Baijings, as well as a proliferation of sites like Society6 and Red Bubble that can turn hundreds of artist prints into sheets, duvets, and pillows on demand. Here, an array of duvets from Target to Kenzo that will instantly make your blanket (and bedroom) a lot happier.

Mercury Duvet Cover
A collab between Memphis Group founders Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden for ZigZagZurich.

Source: NY MAG / THE CUT

Written by ZZZ Team

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