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April 29, 2016

Core 77 x ZigZagZurich - Interview with CoopDPS

Core 77 x ZigZagZurich - Interview with CoopDPS-ZigZagZurich

Core77 publishes articles for a devoted global audience of industrial designers. They just made an Interview with CoopDPS and about their work with ZigZagZurich.

For the past few years, the '80s Memphis Group has experienced an unrivaled resurgence. The signature quirky, geometric patterns, bright colors and asymmetric, graphic forms have inspired a host of contemporary designers in their own work while archival pieces have been reissued and the subject of many international exhibitions. There is a very contemporary attitude in the way Memphis approached design—an energetic yet light-hearted liberation of the terms that define the discipline which remains exciting today. 

Now, two of the movement's founding members, Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden are reinterpreting Memphis's relevance for our contemporary moment with a new collection of home textiles created for the Swiss company ZigZagZurich. Under the name CoopDPS, the label features a range of colorful fabrics, including wool throws, pillow covers, duvet covers, sheets, and curtains. 

We caught up with the designers about how their collaboration came about, how their approach to design has changed since the '80s and why patterns stir our emotions. 

Check out the collection from CoopDPS.

CoopDPS at ZigZagZurich

Why was the collaboration with ZigZagZurich the right opportunity to launch CoopDPS?

George: Nathalie and myself were looking for an opportunity to start a collaborative design organization through which we could work together. 4Spaces and ZigZagZurich (ZZZ) contacted us at just that right moment when we were ready, impatient to start and had some time.

Nathalie: George introduced me to textile design in the 80s, and this is our first time working together since then. In a sense, working on this project together represents coming full circle.

-> Read the full Interview at Core77

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