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August 03, 2023

NEW: Artist Shower Curtain Collection 2023

NEW: Artist Shower Curtain Collection 2023

Unleash a World of Color and Make it Your Own

Our new artist shower curtain collection takes you on a journey of daydreams. Each curtain tells its own unique story, inviting us to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and boundless possibilities.
Artist & Designer Shower Curtain Collection 2023
Our thoughtfully curated designs provide playful escapes from the everyday hustle – whether it's on vibrant dance floors, sun-kissed spring meadows, or simply within the peaceful confines of your own bathroom.

Let's introduce the talented artists & designers behind this captivating shower curtain collection: 
Alexander Buhler
Alexander Buhler is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, currently working in Zürich (CH) & Mexico City. He studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and in the years thereafter started travelling intensively along Latin America, Asia and Europe, participating in different residencies, projects, art book fairs and exhibitions. His recent work mixes concepts of integration and adaptation in the working process. Inspired by Japanese origami and his devotion for making artist books, a series of works have evolved. 
Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain

"Eden" by Alexander Bühler takes inspiration from the paradisiacal garden and beautifully blends organic and geometric shapes. It is created through canvas folding, resulting in a mesmerizing visual effect.Arthur RistorArthur Ristor is a designer-artist based in Paris (FR). His insatiable hunger for color allows him to work across different mediums, focusing on drawing on objects. Ranging from stained glass furniture, felted wool lamps, and even quirky cutlery sets, Arthur is not one to leave any detail to chance when it comes to draw everything for the home he wants to decorate. He ensures that every element, from the door handle to the baseboard, is drawn and crafted to perfection. This collaboration marks a fresh approach to integrate textile art into home décor.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Ribbon Dance" by Arthur Ristor is inspired by the fluid movement of ribbons, transporting you to a world of graceful movements and fluidity.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower CurtainTake a ride on "Rainbow Road", featuring a spectrum of shades that capture the essence of a bright, joyful journey. Even when tears fall or the rain pours, this curtain reminds us that there is always a rainbow to light up our path.Astrid SchmidAstrid Schmid is a versatile freelance artist, also known by her pseudonym Astrid Amadeo. Since 1984, she has actively participated in various group exhibitions, demonstrating her passion and creativity. Her collaborations with fellow artists and curators have led to several successful exhibitions and projects. With a primary focus on printmaking, she has produced numerous editions both locally and internationally. Her artistic talents have earned her a spot in the prestigious International Printmaking Symposium held at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia in 2019. Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Konklusion" by Astrid Schmid takes us to a world filled with colorful emotions, featuring layers of vibrant hues that capture the essence of different moods and moments in time. Artist & Designer: Dario CorteseDario Cortese is an Italian textile graphic designer, with a wealth of experience in the fashion industry and textile consulting. His background has given him a keen eye for design, and his works draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including art, photography, and music. Cortese’s style is characterized by bold, vibrant hues and striking geometric patterns, making his designs stand out.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower CurtainDrawing inspiration from the circus ring, "Circo" by Dario Cortese brings the spirit of the big top into your bathroom. The playful shapes and intricate details transport us to a world of whimsy and wonder and add a touch of magic.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Twist" by Dario Cortese is reminiscent of a dance floor, pulsing to the beat of electronic music. The design evokes a sense of movement, leading the viewer's eye on a visually engaging journey.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Forest" by Dario Cortese symbolizes an adventure in nature, transporting you to the heart of a dense undergrowth with white and green tones, perfectly simulating the light and shadows found in the woods.Artist & Designer: Karin WunderlinKarin Wunderlin is a Zurich-based (CH) kindergarten teacher and design instructor. With her passion for colors and their impact, Karin has found her perfect creative outlet through collages. Her designs are always simple and balanced, while also daring to experiment with bold and vibrant hues. Each of Karin's collages is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, drawn and cut with spontaneity and assembled in a way that maintains their liveliness and avoids any blandness. Get ready to be inspired by Karin's captivating and distinctive style.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"June" by Karin Wunderlin stands out for its simple yet captivating charm: Wunderlin’s approach to naming her artwork is refreshingly unconventional, the artist's daughter suggested, "June" seems fitting, as the artwork was created during that month.Artist & Designer: Katherine LodgeKatherine Lodge is an English artist who creates abstract, contemporary art. She studied printmaking at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Royal College of Art in London. She participated in an exchange program at The Art Institute of Chicago, where she produced a hand-printed book of her drawings. Katherine has also illustrated numerous children's books and has been published worldwide. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Katherine finally started producing a series of works that have since taken her on a journey to explore her passion for abstract, textural art.  Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Bouquet of Flowers" by Katherine Lodge was inspired by a trip to Monteral in winter, capturing the longing for colors and spring, celebrating the colorful explosions of nature after winter.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Daffodils" by Katherine Lodge captures the feelings of hot spring and summer days all year round, combating gray and foggy moments.Artist & Designer: Klub GaloppKlub Galopp is a Zurich-based (CH) studio for animation, illustration and graphics by Nina Calderone and Maria Rehli. Since 2021 they have been using images to create the world as they want to see it: diverse and colorful, with rough edges and rich in stories that want to be told. They don't believe in flat punchlines and happy endings. But they do believe in the collective, in fresh ideas and the wink of an eye.Artist & Designer Cotton Shower Curtain"Three Bathers"by Klub Galopp illustrates what happens behind closed doors when people take time to devote themselves to the care of the body and the soul. It is part of the three-part poster series "The Bath".

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