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April 17, 2018



Moiré is a Zurich based Graphic Design Studio founded in 2000 by Marc Kappeler, Simon Trüb and Dominik Huber. They work in the fields of editorial design, visual identity and type design. For the last few years Moiré was designing various projects for museums, architects and magazines from London to Moscow. Moiré has won several awards and gets frequently recognized in various areas such as medias and exhibitions. Some of Moiré typefaces are published by GrilliType.

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Who are you?

Three graphic designers with enthusiasm for the arts.

Where do you live?

Zurich, Switzerland.

What do you do?

We are working in the fields of editorial design, corporate identity and type design. For the last few years Moiré was designing various projects for museums, architects and fashion labels from London to Moscow.

Who & what inspires you?

Laura Owens, Jonathan Lasker, St Vincent, Dirty Projectors, Yuval Harari, 
Vladimir Sorokin. Water, the sky, vegetation, music, literature, nice conversations.

What doesn’t inspire you?


What projects have you been recently working on?

At the moment we are finalising our new Typeface «GT Flexa». GT Flexa will be released at grillitype.com later this year. Next to this we are working on the rebranding of the Swiss fashion label Julian Zigerli and on a newspaper on political art for the Schirn Kunsthalle Fankfurt.

What projects in your lifetime have the most significance in both of your work?

Since its launch in 2011, the longform magazine «Reportagen» has become an all-round engagement for us. Moiré is collaborating with «Reportagen» from the very beginning, developed the original editorial concept and the design, the magazine‘s typeface «GT Sectra» and the website.

Where is design & art heading?

Hopefully some artists, architects and designers will be able to invent new and sustainable concepts of communication and social interaction for the upcoming digital world. In these digital societies, skills like self-empowering and self-motivation might become much more important. Some creative professionals are probably qualified to provide these skills to the society. Towards a more equal world.

What’s wrong with design?

It’s mostly not yet sustainable at all.

Who do you think are the most influential artists & designers in recent years?

The interactive designers at Apple, Google, Amazon etc.

What artists and designers have inspired you in your lifetime?

Andy Warhol, El Lissitzky, Christopher Wool, Alexander McQueen, Rose Wylie.

What would be your best destination in the world?


Stuck on a desert island, three things that you couldn’t be without?

Swimming pool, stylish sunglasses and friends to booze.

What is your favourite colour & why?

The endless nuances of green in the nature.

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