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August 21, 2015

Laura Knoops for ZigZagZurich – An Artist Profile

Laura Knoops for ZigZagZurich – An Artist Profile-ZigZagZurich

The computer shapes that create stunning art and textiles by Laura Knoops.

French-Berlin based digital artist Laura Knoops has carved out a distinctive and eye-catching niche for herself as master of the 21st digital age.

Passionate about all those abstract video makers who where experimenting in the 40’s like Oskar Fischinger and James Whitney, thus as the graphic-designer pioneer April Greiman, Laura’s work takes its origins in the computer technology. Digital, network-enabled art is at a crossroad. Many who have done some of the important work in this realm are developing their practice to be more diverse and dynamic.



By using and playing with diverse tools and softwares to expose the computer technology which underpins her everyday digital work, she creates beautifully pixelated images which play with their double data reading. A break in the motion, a seemingly glitchy landscape is revealed, disrupted by dabs of deep and powerful colours. Few designs were born out of her live video practise. It is the place of expression where patterns duel with solid colours, where details play with distances, and finally, where shadows soothe the light.


Laura_Knoops_RacketAbuse 15_05


Knoops’ patterns explores the possibilities of mixing together a diverse array of tools and techniques. By the crossover of analogue and digital manipulations, her graphic-design background and videos create virtual territories where colour and shapes fall into abstraction. The liveliness of animation into the concentration of print.

The cross over from digital and video graphics to textile was a challenging experience for Laura. Through the huge format of bed linens and duvet covers recreating her work with a striking impact. The blend of colours and patterns combined with the use of high quality fabrics and printing resulted in her first impressive bed linen collection for ZigZagZurich, the Swiss based home textiles label. The Knoops range for the first collection includes over eight stunning designs all made into modern duvet covers and soon to be curtains. This limited edition collection is available online to purchase here.

The First Laura Knoops Collection for ZigZagZurich









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