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March 18, 2021

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With sustainable sensibility and a feeling for the spirit of the times, ZigZagZurich succeeds implementing works inspired by artists around the globe on bed linen, shower curtains as well as plaids and blankets.

As a sign of our social responsibility and with Swiss roots, we focus on local production within a radius 500Km. An 'industrial handmade' quality standard is important to us.

We produce in Europe, which allows us to offer quality products while ensuring rapid delivery. By controlling the chain of supply from raw materials to finished goods, we are able to offer locally manufactured products that use the finest materials and finishes. Our main production in Italy means we have direct control over what we produce, how it is produced and under what social and environmental conditions our goods are manufactured. Also, we use the finest Egyptian Italian cottons and European linens to produce our textiles from in a range of weaves.  

An 'industrial handmade' quality standard is important to us. For that reason, we fuse old techniques and processes with modern technology. Some fabrics for example are still washed in hot water bath basins, others use old mechanical machines operated by a skillful human hand.

The vertical integrated production process at ZigZagZurich starts with the inspiration either from an artist’s work or our design team. The process how a new collection should look usually takes months.

Under the firm hand of the creative director, an initial mood board and a briefing is put together which should reflect the Zeitgeist and trends from fashion, art, but also travels and food. Inspirations are then put into drawings, suitable artist are contacted, the first colour proposal are put together, respecting the limitation of a production process, such as available yarn colours and yarn qualities.

Then we normally reach out to the production team to discuss with them the production of the first test samples. Sometimes a sample fits our imagination with the first tun, but more often they need to be re-worked and re-adjusted.

Once we have all the issues resolved, and the final selection has been made, the production process and any related sewing then becomes the final phase.

Marketing is preparing photography and press releases and, once the collection is available to the clients, the technicians are working on updating the website. The collection is then officially launched and announced on social media and to the press.

Written by ZZZ Team