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April 10, 2018

Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich

Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich-ZigZagZurich

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke, two incredible artists from New York who combine handloom weaving techniques with unique pieces of hand painted art.  Our collaboration explores weaving ideas from the due and printing a unique work in CMYK colours only.

Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke first collaborated in 2008 with a painting exhibited in Barrow's first solo exhibition at White Columns in New York. Parke then began weaving the fabric for all of Barrow's subsequent paintings. As the textiles became increasingly complex and as weaving's logic became the conceptual framework that linked their diverse interests, it became harder to differentiate where one or the other's ideas began or ended. In 2013 the pair started working and exhibiting under a joint moniker.

Their work manifests in a number of forms and has been widely exhibited in galleries and institutions in the US and Europe. Some of the art pieces are created by staining plain linen, which is then dethreaded and rewoven into two paintings (one wrap-derived; the other weft-derived) with completely new patterns.


Mark Barrow Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich Blankets

Who are you?

Contemporary artists, Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke

Where do you live?

New York City

What do you do?

Make things together combining our backgrounds in painting and textiles.

Who & what inspires you?

Anyone who works hard and pushes new ideas

Mark Barrow Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich Blankets

What doesn’t inspire you?


What projects have you been recently working on?

Creating patterns to be used in paintings, stained glass, and textiles.

What projects in your lifetime have the most significance in both of your work?

Everything we make builds on itself and our body of work is really a lifetime project.

Mark Barrow Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich Blankets

Where is design & art heading?

We cannot wait to see.

What’s wrong with design?

There is too much uninspired design that recycles familiar tropes and does not strive to present an original vision.

Who do you think are the most influential artists & designers in recent years?

There is so much cross-pollination now it is hard to say.

What artists and designers have inspired you in your lifetime?

At the beginning of our career we looked at a lot of early Agnes Martin. Now that we have our own working language, we look to the design of larger systems around us for inspiration... for example, the cosmos or binary structures of computers and weaving

What would be your best destination in the world?

We are pretty happy where we are.

Stuck on a desert island, three things that you couldn’t be without?

Our family, art supplies and snacks

What is your favourite colour & why ?

Sarah: I cannot decide because I like all the colors

Mark: I like the in between colors…greys and browns…because you can make them look like anything by surrounding them with different colors.

Mark Barrow Sarah Parke x ZigZagZurich Blankets



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