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September 13, 2018


Velvet’s Back In!
The New Velvet Home Trend from the Catwalk to the Home

Checkout out our interior styling tips for this wonderful fabric. Warm and rich colours meet wonderful textures.

Velvet has once again become a trend from the catwalk into the home. Its luxurious new texture brings a touch of elegance and romance to your home, still modern, always classic.

Adding some simple home accessories can give your home a quick update. A very simple way to add style to your home is with a nice pillows combo, curtains and a throw on the sofa or bed.

The new matt Velvet Dim-out curtains combine the modern look of luxury matt velvet with a dim out curtain - by losing the shine we add a layer of sophistication to this fabric not seen on normal velvets. Our Italian woven velvet has a soft short pile which encourages the brilliant insulating qualities of this fabric.

Opting to dress your windows will also soften the lines of the room and create a focal point as well. We dye the fabric in a series of beautiful rich colours so whether hanging for curtains or cushions for sofa, our Velveteen fabric will add luxury to your home. 

So, take a look at our interior styling tips and get a new unique stylish look for your house this autumn!

Matt Velvet GREY Curtain - Grey/Brown Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Grey - Matt Velvet Pillow Beige - Terrazzo Velvet Pillow 

Matt Velvet Green Curtain - Matt Velvet Pillow Green - Matt Velvet Pillow Yellow - Amber Baby Alpaca Blanket

Matt Velvet Stone Curtain - Dusty Pink Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Stone - Matt Velvet Pillow Beige - Matt Velvet Pillow Grey 

Matt Velvet Brown Curtain - Matt Velvet Pillow Brown - Matt Velvet Pillow Stone - Terrazzo Velvet Pillow Taupe - Bordeaux Baby Alpaca Blanket 

Matt Velvet Grey Curtain - Denim Blue Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Yellow - Matt Velvet Pillow Blue


Written by Adam Comiskey

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