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Consider factors like your window size, desired fullness, and number of panels.

We normally recommend a minimum of 50% fullness meaning if your curtain track is 100cm long you need a linen curtain width of 150cm. If you want more folds in your linen curtains when closed you need 100% fullness e.g. a 200cm wide curtain.

ZigZagZurich offers standard sizes in linen curtains:

  • 100cm x 300cm (39" x 118")
  • 200cm x 300cm (78" x 118")
  • 300cm x 300cm (118" x 118")
  • 400cm x 300cm (157" x 118")
  • 500cm x 300cm (196" x 118")

ZigZagZurich also specializes in custom-sized curtains, offering various sizes ranging from 100cm to 700cm wide or wider and any height, all made to order. Simply place your desired measurements via email: - sales@zigzagzurich.com .

Linen curtains can vary slightly in height due to factors such as humidity, washing and the type of linen. When deciding on the height of your linen curtains, we recommend that you allow a few centimetres for the floor. If you want your linen curtains to be 1-2 cm above the floor, this is also possible, but please remember that they can fluctuate with humidity.

Here are five of our care tips to help you look after your linen curtains -

  • In general, our linen curtains are washable in the washing machine with a gentle cycle like the wool or silk cycle - FOLD THEM CAREFULLY TOGETHER AND LAY THEM FLAT IN THE WASHING MACHINE - this is a tip from the professional cleaners
  • Ensure that the washing temperature is below 30 °C (86 °F) or lower, and use a low spin cycle.
  • Avoid strong detergents and use liquid detergents instead. 
  • To dry your linen curtains, simply hang them outside on your clothesline. Hang the curtains on the clothesline. NEVER TUMBLE DRY LINEN CURTAINS.
  • Iron or steam the curtains and hang.
  • Enjoy your linen curtains :)

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