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March 24, 2023

NEW IN: Artist & Designer Cotton Beach Towel Collection 2023

NEW IN: Artist & Designer Cotton Beach Towel Collection 2023

'The Italian Way’ or why is it that so often the source of inspiration is Italian?

The music of the streets, the rolling hillsides, the beautiful canals, the evening passegiata, too many drinks on the piazza... for sure Italy’s own rhythm and beauty inspire design enthusiasts all over the world. The Italian tradition of understanding beauty, art, and the good life can be found in almost every aspect of life. It's about timeless design in all things.


Get ready to bring some color to your spring and summer with our new collection of 12 vibrant and summery cotton beach towels / mini blankets. These gems are the perfect addition to your beach bag, picnic basket, or lounge chair. Made with high-quality cotton, they are not only beautiful but also super soft and absorbent. From playful stripes to whimsical patterns, we have something for everyone. Soft yet tough enough, they can be used anywhere - home, garden, beach, pool, picnic - a design statement wherever you go! The ZigZagZurich cotton artist blankets and throws collection was inspired by our love of cotton weaving, transforming original art that supports the artists directly with every product sold. Using jacquard looms with super fine cotton, we weave these in small quantities.

Artists: Artist and Designer: George Greaves George Greaves is a Bristol-based (UK) freelance illustrator who creates works inspired by architecture and influenced by Giorgio De Chirico, David Hockney, Matisse, Magritte and Escher. George studied illustration and visual communication at Westminster University. Dreams, time and contemplation are the key words that better express his art. "My creative process is very intuitive, usually I start with a vague idea and just see where it takes me." He has worked with clients such as Bulgari, the Financial Times, Soho House and LUSH.Marcello VelhoMarcello Velho is an American designer based in the bohemian town of Brighton (UK), where he infuses his designs with the town's vibrant and artistic energy. With a passion for bold hues and abstract forms, Velho melds traditional cutouts with digital wizardry to create dynamic and invigorating compositions that are both modern and evocative. His minimalist universe is populated with a menagerie of flowers, eyes, birds, and animals, all inspired by the diverse species that flourish in the lush surrounding gardens.Artist and Designer: Sophie Probst Sophie Probst is a German textile designer living and working in Zurich (CH). Having earned her diploma from the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Art in 2015, her primary focus has been creating contemporary textiles using traditional weaving and knitting techniques. During her time studying in Barcelona, she developed a keen fascination with graphic and multi-colored patterns. Drawing inspiration from her travels across Asia and Europe, she masterfully blends different cultures into her work, creating vibrant designs that pay tribute to both color and freedom.Artist and Designer: Michele Rondelli Michele Rondelli is a Swiss-born interior architect, educated in Switzerland and Paris (FR), with an extensive experience working for major architectural and design firms in the United States and Asia. He brings a tasteful design approach and a unique sense of Zeitgeist to both private and public projects around the world. Since 2015, he has held the position of Creative Director for ZigZagZurich and 4Spaces, two cutting-edge textile brands based in Zurich, Switzerland.


The Collection:

"Bella Ciao"
Cotton Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli
Bella Ciao Cotton Blanket Beep beep! Nothing is more iconic than the scooter, and the "Bella Ciao" beach towel is inspired by the streets of Italy and its busy seaside towns. With a classic design for both boys and girls, the Bella Ciao loves being by the sea. Ciao Bella or is it Bella Ciao?


"Coppa" Cotton Beach Towel by Sophie ProbstCoppa Cotton Blanket "Coppa" is the latest addition to the beach towel collection. It is a pure tribute to summer on the Riviera, featuring ice-cream inspired, sun-drenched designs. The retro style is joyful and colorful, reminiscent of the Italian summer of the 60s. 


"Napoli" Cotton Beach Towel by Michele RondelliNapoli Cotton Blanket Capturing the essence of the narrow lanes of Napoli lined with colorful clothes and textiles hanging from washing lines. The bright, vivid and retro-inspired patterns pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Italy and will transport you to the streets of Napoli every time you use it.


"Ischia" Cotton Beach Towel by Sophie ProbstIschia Cotton Blanket"Ischia" is a tribute to the island and its iconic lemons. This towel is a nod to the unique growing conditions of Ischia's lemons, influenced by the volcanic soil. The design captures the essence of the island, making it a must-have for any beach lover.


"Tetromino" Cotton Beach Towel by Sophie Probsttetromino cotton blanketBring excitement to your beach days with the "Tetromino" blanket! A tetromino is a unique geometric shape composed of four squares connected orthogonally, creating endless possibilities for fun. Say goodbye to boredom on the beach and hello to hours of enjoyment with your Tetromino-filled blanket.

"Thorny Rose" Cotton Beach Towel by Marcello VelhoThorny roseEvery rose has its thorn... or blanket? Velho's signature style is on full display in the intricate floral design of our "Thorny Rose". The use of vibrant colors and abstract floral forms gives the blanket both a captivating and otherworldly look.


"Bad Susie" Cotton Beach Towel by Michele Rondellibad susie cotton blanket Introducing "Bad Susie", the playful and lovable piggy blanket that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Everyone loves a little piggy, and our iconic blanket is no exception. This mischievous blanket loves nothing more than soaking up the sun at the beach and sneaking sweet treats.

"Koi" Cotton Beach Towel by Michele RondelliKoi Cotton Blanket The "Koi" beach towel / mini blanket is a fusion of ancient Japanese koi drawings and modern- day Japanese tattoos. It symbolizes strength, courage, patience, and success through perseverance. The elegant woven design makes it a perfect addition for both home and outdoor use.

"Caramba" Cotton Blanket & Throw by Michele RondelliCaramba Cotton Blanket A nod to the vibrant, colorful scenes from traditional Latin carnivals, where people are dressed in elaborate, bright costumes decorated with intricate embroidery. It's a tribute to the joy and energy of these celebrations, now woven into a cozy and stylish blanket / towel.

"Ouroboruous" Cotton Blanket & Throw by George Greavesouroboruous cotton blanketRevive the mythological with George Greaves' "Ouroboruous" beach towel/blanket, inspired by the artist's fascination with snakes as a symbol, particularly the Ouroborous, representing infinity.

"Rimini One" Cotton Blanket & Throw by Sophie Probstrimini cotton blanket "Rimini Two" Cotton Blanket & Throw by Sophie Probstrimini cotton blanket The "Rimini" series of cotton blankets is a tribute to the sun-kissed Italian riviera, featuring bold and vibrant stripes that evoke the spirit of summer. Ideal for use both at the beach and at home, these towels / blankets are a versatile and stylish addition to your outdoor and indoor living spaces.


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