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October 27, 2021

Artist Bedding Collection 2021

Artist Bedding Collection 2021-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of creative director Michele Rondelli and founders of ZigZagZurich. The new 2021 Artist Bedding Collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe. We use the highest quality European woven cotton for our bedding, not synthetic fibers, with the same quality standard of handmade Italian production we stand behind on all our ranges.

Our next roster of artists includes:

Blandine Sergent is a mathematician by training who has made painting a passion since she joined the Atelier des Beaux Arts in Paris in 2015 where she attended the artist Alberto Cont's art classes. Her approach consists in freeing her emotions through the impulse of colour and gesture, thus creating an enchanting dialogue between the material and the artist. Indeed, colour is at the very heart of her artwork. She seeks the light, beauty and joy in the infinite world of colors.

The bedding “Parterre” and “Glacier” come from paintings she made in acrylic on canvas and represent colours fading and in movement.Parterre Artist Bedding Collection by Blandine SergentParterre Artist Bedding Collection by Blandine SergentGlacier Artist Bedding Collection by Blandine SergentGlacier Artist Bedding Collection by Blandine Sergent


Céline Cornu is a French textile designer. She completed her Master in textile design and surface materials at the Lille Higher School of Applied Arts. She draws inspiration from textile movements and its play of lights to create lively designs. Passionate about noble but also innovative fabrics, Céline likes to contrast traditional materials with a radically contemporary and clean aesthetic. In her creative process, she mixes digital and manual techniques to create renewal and amazement. «With textiles, it is matter of precision, of extreme sensuality, but also mystery and unspeakable.» Céline Cornu.

Tanaka” bedding is inspired by Japanese art and its fabulous ink paintings. The name “Tanaka” means the middle of the rice field. This design can also evoke the intense colored landscapes of Japan.Tanaka Artist Bedding Collection by Celine CornuTanaka Artist Bedding Collection by Celine Cornu

The “White Dots” bedding is about light and exploring the links between colour and light.White Dots Artist Bedding Collection by Celine Cornu & Michele RondelliWhite Dots Artist Bedding Collection by Celine Cornu & Michele Rondelli

Jonathan Lawes is an artist and printmaker based in southeast London. He creates prints with a distinctive graphic edge, reflecting his love for geometry, shape and pattern. He has a keen eye for nuance and layering, paying close attention to colour and detail. Working in a loose and organic way, abstract compositions are formed and ultimately developed due to his genuine enthusiasm for, and evolution of, the screen printing process.

The design of “Haru” bedding comes from a mural he created using large rolls of colored masking tape. The process he adopted was very similar to screen printing: layering individual colours and shapes on top of one another to create a sense of depth to a flat surface. This was then transferred digitally into the computer, from where he created the repeat pattern.Haru Bedding Collection by Jonathan LawesHaru Bedding Collection by Jonathan Lawes

Julian Zigerli is a Swiss Fashion Designer. He attended the Berlin University of the Arts. After graduating in 2010, he returned to his roots in Zurich to launch his eponymous label „JULIAN ZIGERLI“. Initially, a menswear label, now creating collections for men and women, various accessories and product lines and interior creations. „JULIAN ZIGERLI“ stands for sporty, dynamic and wearable fashion that works on an interdisciplinary basis and with many print-design cooperations. The collections have already been presented around the globe, in cities such as Berlin, London, Zurich, Milan, New York, Paris and Seoul. Julian Zigerli has won numerous design awards, including the invitation of Giorgio Armani to the Teatro Armani in Milan in 2014 and the Swiss Design Award in 2012, 2014 and 2016. In addition to his work as the creative director and CEO of his own label, Julian Zigerli repeatedly works on cross-industry projects. Julian Zigerli has been a guest professor in fashion design at the University of Arts in Berlin (UdK) since 2021.

"ZigZagZigerli" is a humoristic take on our ZZZ logo with the final ‘Z’ appearing with Zigerli, but also marking the start of a collaboration to edit some of his iconic designs into home fashion."Shangrila" and "Veins" bedding are the two newest designs we created together.Shangrila Artist Bedding Collection by Julian ZigerliShangrila Artist Bedding Collection by Julian ZigerliVeins Artist Bedding Collection by Julian Zigerli

Veins Artist Bedding Collection by Julian Zigerli

Michele Rondelli is a Swiss born interior architect educated in Switzerland and in Paris, France. He then worked for major architectural and design companies in the U.S. and Asia. His tasteful design approach and a unique sense for Zeitgeist can be found in many international private projects but also in the public segment. Since 2015 he was appointed as the Creative Director for ZigZagZurich and 4Spaces, two innovative and leading textile brands headquartered in Zurich Switzerland.

Boum” bedding navigates between figuration and abstraction. It is a trippy return to the 90s pop aesthetic. With an overexposed and out-of-focus picture, the designer is pushing reality to the limit and creating new forms of perception. The vivid colours and enigmatic figures have something of a daydream with a touch of kaleidoscopic hallucinations.Boum Artist Bedding Collection by Michele RondelliBoum Artist Bedding Collection by Michele Rondelli


Kurt” bedding is a tribute to Dadaism art movement. The out-of-focus dots on the coloured background are like projected points of light in motion on the bedlinen.Kurt Artist Bedding Collection by Michele Rondelli Kurt Artist Bedding Collection by Michele Rondelli


The “Aura” bedding is inspired by the invisible energy that surround all living things. Each person has his own aura that reflects their personal energy. This bedding puts us in the mysticism of the universe.Aura Yellow Artist Bedding Collection by Michele RondelliAura Yellow Artist Bedding Collection by Michele RondelliAura Blue Artist Bedding Collection by Michele Rondelli

Aura Blue Artist Bedding Collection by Michele Rondelli

Nina Ballay is a French material and graphic designer. She graduated in 2016 from the ENSAD in Paris with a major in textile and material design. She has always favored a multidisciplinary approach in design. After her studies, she joined Patricia Urquiola design studio in Milan where she put into practice her material and graphic design approach inventing her profession. Her personal work is a little figurative, playing with contrast, always trying to out-scale or change the context of everyday life objects and styles. She likes to mix and play with the context of things, colours and materials.

Tapes” bedding is inspired by a simple object of our everyday life. The composition is both abstract and figurative because the colourful elements of the composition are in fact tiny pieces of overlaid tapes. «I have drawn with tape like I would do with any simple shape to create an abstract composition. Let’s sleep in an abstract landscape from our everyday life!» - Nina Ballay.Tapes Artist Bedding Collection by Nina BallayTapes Artist Bedding Collection by Nina Ballay


Remo Mazzoni is an artist and textile designer based in Switzerland. After graduating in textile design at the CSIA (high school for applied arts) in Lugano in 2008 and in visual arts at the Academy of Brera in Milan in 2012, he worked for several years in the contemporary art field and the textile industry specializing in home furnishing textiles. After having practiced for different studios in 2019 he decided to start an independent career as a freelancer.

The bedding “Pietre” is inspired by the watercolor technique. Simple, organic forms, made of water and floating pigment particles, sometimes collapsed one into the other, thus creating unexpected streams of colors and new merged forms. The name “Pietre” comes from the combination of light sage green, red, earth tones, and deep blues that reminded him of the palette of medieval frescos.Pietre Artist Bedding Collection by Remo MazzoniPietre Artist Bedding Collection by Remo Mazzoni


Tara Booth is an illustrator and Ignatz-award-winning comics artist from Philadelphia. She is the author of Nocturne and How to be Alive as well as of a weekly comic on Vice Magazine. Her existential comics are very popular on Instagram where she has over 100,000 followers. Tara's passion for designing curious and bizarre patterns, often directly on the clothes of the subjects they illustrate, has led her to work several times with the universe of Brands. She’s a lover of nature, and her drawings also feature animals, luxuriant plants and floral compositions.Hyperbloom Artist Bedding Collection by Tara BoothHyperbloom Artist Bedding Collection by Tara Booth



-  Glacier by Blandine Sergent
-  Parterre by Blandine Sergent
-  Tanaka by Celine Cornu
-  Haru by Jonathan Lawes
-  Shangrila by Julian Zigerli
-  Veins by Julian Zigerli
-  Tapes by Nina Ballay
-  Pietre by Remo Mazzoni
-  Hyperbloom by Tara Booth
-  Boum, Kurt, Aura by Michele Rondelli
-  White Dots by Celine Cornu & Michele Rondelli

Written by ZZZ Team

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