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August 08, 2022

The Eco-Responsible Commitment from ZigZagZurich and Switzerland

The Eco-Responsible Commitment from ZigZagZurich and Switzerland-ZigZagZurich

At ZigZagZurich we are socially and environmentally responsible. This regard to ethics and values of the environment largely stems from the culture of our beautiful country, Switzerland.

ZigZagZurich sustainability eco le mond du panier

With local production in Europe,
we keep the transport distances ‘local’. From logistics to production, all our partners operate under the same social and environmental values committing to address and minimalize the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

From farm to finish – we’re deepening our commitment to a more sustainable supply chain. Whether it is using recycled wool, natural hemp & Linen or cork we ensure that they are sourced in a sustainable manner.

Our main production facilities in Italy mean we have direct control over what we produce, how it is produced and under what social and environmental conditions our goods are manufactured. We weave our Alpaca Wool in sustainable mills. Our bed linens and textiles are hand finished, using artisan levels of confection and finishing, normally found on products costing two or three times more.

As we say, our products are Lovingly Made in Italy.

Sustainability, Climate Neutrality and evironmental beliefs

We try to follow our country as one of the leaders in sustainable development. In 2017, Switzerland was named as one of the top five countries to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, behind the Scandinavian countries. Also in 2019 Switzerland announced, its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and it is on track. In the same year, 75% of its electricity came from renewable sources. Compared to the United States in 2020, less than 20% of American electricity production came from renewable sources.

There’s no replacement for earth, so we are committed to achieving carbon neutrality through sustainable production. We knew the only way to true achieve this is through vertical integration; by controlling the production all the way to the distribution, we can ensure that our materials, production methods and distribution methods are in line with our sustainability commitment.

Our products are sourced with the greatest care. The New Zealand wool used in our wool blankets is constantly controlled and certified to be sustainable and animal friendly. Our latest introduction of the beeswax household wrapping papers is another contribution to the use of less plastic in this world.

In addition, and on your behalf, ZigZagZurich also supports various projects which make a difference. We are contributors to UNHCR and the Elton John Aids Foundation ; we are also rainforest members at the Bruno Manser fund and support the ArtHelps nonprofit foundation. We continue to support and sponsor young artists and contribute to art projects in need, such as the recent collaboration with the Prymachenko foundation.

Our Slogan for our sustainability commitment is: TAKING CARE OF YOUR HOME, YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PLANET.

ZigZagZurich - doing well by doing good.

But enough about us we wanted to introduce some Swiss brands that have the same view in regards to sustainability as us, especially because a greater connection to nature can fuel our environmental beliefs and actions.

Le Monde du Panier

With their goal in sustainability and great craftsmanship, the two sisters, Isabelle and Marie offer beautiful 100% natural baskets made with respect for nature. 

We promise that when you get an understanding of the love and dedication that goes into each piece this brand creates, it will make their stunning baskets even more treasured.

ZigZagZurich sustainability eco le mond du panier
Written by ZZZ Team

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