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Cashmere Cotton Bedding & Bedspreads

The ultimate luxury cashmere bedding experience includes duvets, sheets, and pillow covers. Brought to you by ZigZagZurich. 
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Cashmere bedding is made from the fine, soft fibres of the cashmere goat. Known for its luxurious feel and exceptional warmth, cashmere is a premium material that provides unparalleled comfort and elegance in your bedroom.

Cashmere bedding is prized for its unparalleled softness, warmth, and lightweight feel. The fine fibres provide a luxurious sleeping experience, making it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate high-quality, comfortable bedding.

Cashmere bedding is excellent at regulating temperature, making it comfortable for all seasons. It provides warmth without overheating, as the natural fibres are breathable and wick away moisture, keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cashmere is a natural fibre that is typically hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it a good choice for people with allergies. However, if you have specific allergies or sensitivities, it's always best to check with a healthcare professional.

Since this is not a complete bedding set, pillows, duvets & sheets must be added individually to your shopping cart. We offer a variety of sizes to fit most standard bedding sets:

Duvet Covers:

  • 140 x 200cm (UK, EU Single)
  • 140 x 220cm (DK Single)
  • 160 x 210cm (CH Single)
  • 160 x 220cm (63 x 87") (US Twin)
  • 160 x 240cm
  • 200 x 200cm (UK Double)
  • 200 x 210cm (CH Double)
  • 200 x 220cm (79 x 87") (US Full / EU Double)
  • 230 x 230cm (90 x 90") (US Queen)
  • 240 x 220cm (UK, EU King)
  • 240 x 240cm (CH King)
  • 260 x 220cm (102 x 86") (US King / UK Superking)


  • Standard Pillow - 50 x 70cm (20 x 28")
  • Square Pillow - 65 x 65cm (26 x 26")
  • King Pillow - 65 x 100cm (26 x 40")
  • Square Pillow - 80 x 80cm (32 x 32")
  • DE Pillow - 40 x 80cm (16 x 32")
  • US King Pillow - 20 x 36" (51 x 92cm)


  • Fitted Sheet - 90 x 200cm (UK, EU Single)
  • Fitted Sheet - 95 x 200cm (38 x 79") (US Twin)
  • Fitted Sheet - 140 x 200cm (55 x 79") (US Full / UK, EU Double)
  • Fitted Sheet - 160 x 200cm (62 x 79") (US Queen / UK, EU King)
  • Fitted Sheet - 180 x 200cm (71 x 79") (UK, EU Super King)
  • Fitted Sheet - 200 x 200cm (79 x 79") (US King)
  • Top Flat Sheet - 180 x 275cm (71 x 108") (US Twin)
  • Top Flat Sheet - 254 x 280cm (100 x 111") (US Queen)
  • Top Flat Sheet - 300 x 285cm (118 x 112") (US King)

For custom sizes, please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com

To care for your cashmere bedding, it's best to hand wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric. Lay it flat to dry on a clean, dry towel away from direct sunlight or heat. Alternatively, you can use a professional dry cleaner to maintain its luxurious feel and quality.

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