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May 20, 2020



ZigZagZurich launches two new Bedding collections - two tone is the theme for this summer! The combination of unique yarn dyed colors on front and back, one in a unique vintage Egyptian cotton quality, the other in a new washed linen quality.

Our vintage Egyptian cotton fabric has already achieved cult in the A&D community since its release. Created and woven by us in Italy, we weave on looms that used to weave exclusive silk fabrics. The finest yarns made of Egyptian cotton are dyed according to Oekotex standards and then woven with high colour contrast. This dyeing and weaving process gives the fabric an incredible depth of colour and texture. It is then washed in hot water tubs. This makes the fabric softer and gives it a beautiful vintage finish and patina.

Two Tone Bedding Collection

The new linen collection is woven from Belgium flax plants, regarded as the highest quality source of flax.  The yarns before dyeing must meet strict quality standards in production and finishing to be allowed to carry this seal for strength and durability. The quality and weaving technique was specially developed by ZigZagZurich. After weaving, the initially somewhat stiff fibres are washed softly with a stone wash process, giving the fabric its soft feel. Linen breathes and thus allows air to come into contact with the skin. Linen cools pleasantly and does not stick to the skin, even on hot summer nights. On the contrary, the fabric absorbs moisture and releases it quickly. Linen is also hypoallergenic and dirt repellent. As the fibres of linen are brittle and smooth, bacteria and dust particles can hardly find a hold.

Two Tone Bedding Collection

The collections are not only impressive because of the high-quality fabrics, but also because of the tasteful colour accents which, whether tone on tone or with a colour accent, will adapt to any room.

Both collections bear the signature of ZigZagZurich Creative Director Michele Rondelli. The earthy as well as the fine pastel or contrasting colour nuances will give your bed a refined, modern look. You can also simply change the accent by swapping the front with the back or mixing them together.

Our Italian production is focused on meeting all ecological requirements.  We produce our own solar power, skylights bring daylight to the workplace and the water is recycled during finishing. The distance between our vertically integrated production in Italy and our headquarters in Zurich is also less than 500 kilometers.

Our beddings, lovingly made in Italy, will certainly let you sleep well and deeply.


Written by ZZZ Team

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