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October 16, 2016

Wit & Delight x ZigZagZurich

Wit & Delight x ZigZagZurich-ZigZagZurich

The 2nd shoot just in on our New Jeans bedding from Wit & Delight - a fantastic photoshoot in a wonderful house.  Glad to be part of this with our unique Italian bedding collections.  You can see more of the blog of Wit and Delight here http://witanddelight.com/

Wit & Delight New Jeans Bedding from ZigZagZurich

About the Jeans bedding collection

Each yarn is dyed in a unique way giving it the real Jeans colours you all love. We mix the colours of the yarns when we weave to give it the Denim look for your bed. This development of fabric is pure premium Italian weaving at its best.

We present the Jeans bedding collection in three classic Denim colours - Blue Black, Blue and Perla ( Silver Blue ), perfect in any modern home.

Each pair of Jeans is handmade with a hidden zip enclosure on the duvet and pillows. Available in all sizes and custom orders too.

You have never seen a pair of Jeans like this before especially for your bedroom, try a pair on today here !


New Jeans Bedding at ZigZagZurich - Luxury Italian Bedding

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