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June 17, 2019

ZigZagZurich Introducing Rugs!

ZigZagZurich Introducing Rugs!-ZigZagZurich

"Sierra Morena" is a natural and historical region in Andalusia, Spain, north of Seville. The average elevation is 1,200 metres above sea level. Where as you can find plantations of olive trees, grapes, citrus and other fruit on the lower levels, the highland is much more arid and hills are covered with snow in the winter leaving its habitants focusing more on indoor labor. 

We collaborate and support a small handweaving studio by producing "BALADE", a colorful and joyful round carpet using jute and braided fabric which are left overs from the nearby textile mills. Extremely sturdy "BALADE" will create a moment of joy in any interiors.  

Handwoven in the highlands of Spain;

Diameter 160cm;

Composition jute and braided fabric;


Written by ZZZ Team

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