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February 16, 2021

Meet our Artists Community!

Meet our Artists Community!-ZigZagZurich

Good design and highest quality have been part of our philosophy from the beginning, but also our continuous commitment to make textile art accessible and to promote artists around the globe in their careers.  

With your purchase you directly encourage such creative personalities to recognise new approaches and innovative ideas in their work and also support them financially.

Meet here some of our artists from very different background and parts of the world and see how they translate ideas into drawings and then into textiles!

Are you creative, a designer or artist?
Send us your Portfolio by email to info@zigzagzurich.com.

We are looking forward to discovering new talents!

Series One - Studio Visit at some of your creative collaborators:

Maria Jose Benvenuto - Sydney, Australia - Artist Bedding The View

Fabio Almeida - London, UK - Artist Bedding Four Q

Studio Surface Service - Zurich, Switzerland - Artist Bedding Mosso one & Mosso two

Denise Carbonell - NYC, USA - Artist Wool Blankets: Mobiles, Wired One, Wired Two

B.D. Graft - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Artist bedding Casso & Dirk 

Michele Rondelli - Switzerland / Spain - various products

Leo Zero

Leo Zero - London, UK - Artist Wool Blanket Cycles

Julia Heuer - Germany - various products

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