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June 13, 2024

The Guide To Linen Curtains - How To Choose and Style

The Guide To Linen Curtains - How To Choose and Style

The guide to linen curtains: How to choose and style them in your home

Linen curtains are a versatile and stylish addition to any home. Their natural texture and light-filtering properties make them ideal for a variety of rooms in modern or classic homes. Here's a simple guide to styling linen curtains in your home.

Start by choosing the right linen curtains for your home.   Colours - Neutral tones such as white, sand, beige, pink and grey are classic choices that work well with most interiors.  Sand linen curtains are one of the most popular choices. For a more dramatic effect with bold coloured linen curtains, consider deep blues, rich greens, organic browns and reds or yellows.   


By choosing yarn dyed linen curtains, the colours will be more vibrant and will last longer/be more colourfast.  Melange linen curtains also give a unique colour twist by mixing multi-coloured yarns.

What is the best texture of linen curtains for my home?  Linen has very different textures depending on the yarn used and how it is woven - from very classic plain linen to super heavy linen weighing up to 1kg per square metre.

Lightweight linen curtains are ideal for a breezy, airy feel, perfect for casual and contemporary styles.  Lighter colours are more translucent, especially during the day in the sunlight - a tip - always try the colours in both daytime and evening as the colours will change dramatically.

 Heavyweight linen curtains provide more privacy and insulation and are suitable for both formal and informal settings.  Heavy linen curtains come in a variety of weaves such as Panama weave or double face (one colour woven on one side and another colour on the other).  The weight can vary a lot and so can the thickness of the yarn - a little tip - if you are going to install very large, very heavy linen curtains - consider the weight of them on the track - make sure the curtain track or pole is installed correctly and will not fall out of the ceiling!

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How long should the linen curtains be?  The first thing to remember is that linen is a natural fibre that will move depending on the climate and the weight/size of the curtain - so if you want the linen curtains exactly 1cm from the floor, you need to think about the type of linen, whether it is pre-washed and how it is sewn.   

Generally linen is a relaxed fabric, so it looks nice to have some fabric on the floor, either a few centimetres or with a heavier linen pooling on the floor - there is no right or wrong choice, it really depends on the type of room and style you want.  Floor length is definitely better for bedrooms, living rooms, offices - if your going to put linen curtains in the bathroom or kitchen then its not a good idea to have fabric on the floor.  When measuring for your linen curtains, remember that floors are often uneven, so measure in three places under the window - left, right and centre.   

Layering your curtains.  If you want blackout curtains in a room, it works well to layer linen curtains with another fabric - day curtains and night curtains. If you do not have a double track or pole to have the different curtains in front of each other - a little tip - have both fabrics on the same track or pole and simply pull to the left or right for day or night!

What is the best way to hang linen curtains in a room?  There are several options and it all depends on the room - firstly ceiling tracks - the curtains hang the full length, a very elegant solution, easy to move around. The tracks come in a variety of colours and finishes to match your home.

Wall mounted rod or track - often used over windows or doors - the linen curtains can be attached to either curtain gliders or curtain rings.  The wall-mounted rods or tracks are often in wood or metal - sometimes with decorative finishes.   Linen curtains with eyelets - this is another solution for hanging curtains on rods or wire (better for heavier linen curtains than thin ones).  When installing your curtain rails or poles, make sure they are properly fixed to the wall or ceiling with strong screws and wall plugs - the worst thing is to have a curtain rail hanging halfway down!

Which linen curtains should you choose for a particular room?  There is no right or wrong - it depends on the room and what you want.  Technical aspects such as privacy or factors such as if a room has constantly wet floors should be considered. 

For living rooms, using neutral tones can create a calm and inviting space.  Lighter curtains during the day will let in more light and at night you can layer with heavier curtains for privacy - floor length is usually the way to go.

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For bedrooms, heavier, thicker linen curtains will block out light for a better night's sleep. Make sure that the curtains extend beyond the window frame to prevent light escaping from the sides.  Don't forget that if you still want privacy in your bedroom during the day, lightweight linen curtains will work just as well.

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In the kitchen, light linen curtains in pale shades can add a charming and practical touch. Make sure they are high enough to prevent splashes and stains from cooking/dirty floors.

The same goes for the bathroom - think about the humidity in the room and don't leave your linen curtains on a wet floor all the time. Light, airy colours can make small bathrooms feel bigger.

Some people like to have seasonal styles in their rooms - Spring Summer - light pastel linen curtains can make a room feel fresh and airy.  Autumn Winter - opt for heavier linen in warm, rich colours to create a cosy atmosphere.

Linen curtains are a timeless and versatile choice for any home. By choosing the right colour, texture and style, and following the correct care instructions, you can ensure that your linen curtains will remain a beautiful and functional part of your home for years to come. Whether you prefer a casual, rustic look or a more polished, modern aesthetic, linen curtains can be adapted to suit your style perfectly.  One final tip - never put your linen curtains in a hot tumble dryer!


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