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Extra Wide Linen Curtains

The finest linen curtains in a range of bold and pastel colours, available in extra wide sizes.  All our linen curtains are handmade to order using the finest linen.
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Linen curtains are drapes made of linen for window treatments. It also serves as a blind protection and darkens a room. Linen curtain panels are produced from the flax plant, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable material. Linen is a natural material that is durable, robust, and has antiseptic benefits. Hence, with their natural texture, linen curtains are therefore breezy and have great light-filtering qualities, which creates your living space a warmth atmosphere. On this account, natural linen curtains also gained popularity as a luxurious window treatment. 

ZigZagZurich uses the finest quality linen for its linen curtains, which are Oeko-Tex certified with the 'Master of Linen' award. Our colored curtains and drapes are crafted of 100% yarn-dyed premium linen and 100% Panama linens, made from Belgian flax linen and carefully handmade in Italy.

To choose linen curtains and drapes depends on various criteria, such as your interior style, the size of the room, the width of the curtain rod, the amount of light, and the purpose of the room. These criteria play an important role in choosing the right linen curtains. ZigZagZurich offers a wide collection of drapes in an array of colors, like white, green, blue, and black colors with different types of curtains, including sheer linen curtains , dim-out , and linen blackout curtains .

Consider factors like your window size, desired fullness, and number of panels.

We normally recommend a minimum of 50% fullness meaning if your curtain track is 100cm long you need a linen curtain width of 150cm. If you want more folds in your linen curtains when closed you need 100% fullness e.g. a 200cm wide curtain.

ZigZagZurich offers standard sizes in linen curtains:

  • 100cm x 300cm (39" x 118")
  • 200cm x 300cm (78" x 118")
  • 300cm x 300cm (118" x 118")
  • 400cm x 300cm (157" x 118")
  • 500cm x 300cm (196" x 118")

ZigZagZurich also specializes in custom-sized curtains, offering various sizes ranging from 100cm to 700cm wide or wider and any height, all made to order. Simply place your desired measurements via email: - sales@zigzagzurich.com .

Here are five of our care tips to help you look after your linen curtains -

  • In general, our linen curtains are washable in the washing machine with a gentle cycle like the wool or silk cycle - FOLD THEM CAREFULLY TOGETHER AND LAY THEM FLAT IN THE WASHING MACHINE - this is a tip from the professional cleaners
  • Ensure that the washing temperature is below 30 °C (86 °F) or lower, and use a low spin cycle.
  • Avoid strong detergents and use liquid detergents instead. 
  • To dry your linen curtains, simply hang them outside on your clothesline. Hang the curtains on the clothesline. NEVER TUMBLE DRY LINEN CURTAINS.
  • Iron or steam the curtains and hang.
  • Enjoy your linen curtains :)

Simply create an account here , browse our linen curtains collection online, and order your desired items at ZigZagZurich! We offer a wide selection of colors, types, and sizes, with the option of custom-made curtains.

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