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Carmen Boog

Thoughtless. Intuitive. Abstraction.

Loves to dance, destroy fabrics & paint with a needle. The Swiss textile designer Carmen Boog, lives and works in Lucerne. During her studies she has discovered her passion for thoughtless, intuitive work. She began without designing, to embroider pictures on textiles, abstract landscapes, which functioned both as an image, as well as a surface pattern or basis. "Embroidering with the Lorrinemachine is fascinating, because you do not have time to think, you always have to follow the needle and keep the fabric under tight control. Forms and compositions apear, which you only perceive when taking the fabric off the machine. This ist the magical moment where you can surprise yourself."

To expose herself fully to one technique fascinates Carmen. She loves to let something happen and to respond to it. To support her work, she applies different methods. For example, there is a technique she calles music improvisation. The music gives a feeling and vibrations, which she uses live to create shapes and patterns. "As nothing can be planned the creation process uses so much free energy. It has to flow from the mind to the fingers and through the body." Therefore every single piece of work is unique. To be able to reproduce her artistic work, she uses printing techniques.



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