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Marica Zottino

Marica Zottino for ZigZagZurich

Born in Jesolo, Italy, in 1981, working and living in Treviso, Italy, as a freelance surface designer, graphic designer and illustrator.

When starting a new design, Marica Zottino’s inspiration comes from a melting pot of references from fashion, contemporary arts, vintage botanica, wild creatures and much more. One of the most important aspects for a surface designer is research. Marica Zottino lives surrounded by images, books and magazines, both in digital and in paper format. Never knowing where the mind can lead you during the creative process, she believes that the more inputs you have, the more connections you can elaborate through the lens of your personal attitude. Also, experimenting is the key to a good design.

Marica Zottino usually creates a wide range of colour versions and module cuts before choosing “the one” that will become the definitive design, and digital tools help a lot to increment and speed up this phase. She – mostly – starts with an hand-drawn sketch, but computers and software allow her to develop the pattern and quickly test how it modifies – even the smallest ones – can affect the initial design.

It’s a sort of work in progress that turns a rough idea into a concrete design by the possibility of making changes.

At other times, the design starts directly on the screen. This happens when she needs to obtain a certain kind of “touch” that only computer generated – or manipulated – images have.


ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of creative director Michele Rondelli and the founders of ZigZagZurich.

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