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Martina Vontobel

Lines. Layers. Networks.

The WAX ​​bedding collection was designed by the artist Martina Vontobel. Martina Vontobel is known for her material-characteristic works in the fine arts. Using a surprisingly timeless design language, is not only evident in her textile designs, but also in huge room installations in museums. Lines, layers and networks are topics in her diverse artistic work. A recent art installation in the Hotel Hyatt Zurich shows an artwork called Network in the main lobby of the hotel.

With craftsmanship, mindfulness and a sense for the essentials of aesthetics, she creates an almost zen-like handwriting that surprises with her direct and simple beauty. With a love for innovation and craft techniques, she uses them in many different contexts.  Some artworks store like a good wine until the time is right to sample them, hence 20 years later The WAX ​​collection was discovered by Michelle Rondelli in Martina’s atelier. Originally created in 1998 in the technique of wax reservation, the artworks were drawn directly on the fabric with wax and then dyed by hand, with unique techniques such as scratching the wax surfaces to create even more elaborate patterns.

In 1998, this collection, consisting of one-of-a-kind collections, was given attention in various exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany. Now the time has come to be able to capture the original artworks using special techniques and reproduce them using the latest print methods, without losing the character and capturing the essence of the manuscript. 

The resulting 20-year wait has ended up with the Collection WAX consisting of 4 designs, WAX Line, WAX Layer, WAX Field, WAX Grass. Classy, simple, wonderfully timeless but with a lot of identity. The strength is to be found in serenity.


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