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Natalie Born

Pen. Meets. Humour.

Natalie is an illustrator and designer currently living in Switzerland. Her work is a playful exploration of humorous characters, whimsical animals and graphic botanicals that crosses over from fashion into art, influenced by her own unique humor and character.

By cutting, pasting, slicing, manipulating and coloring paper into simple shapes and forms, she experiments with hybrids and contrasts that curiously fascinate her, finding endless possibilities. She loves to continuously create and invent, finding it necessary to be hands-on with her work while using her beloved scalpel, pattern-cutting tools, fine-liners, brush pen, colorful markers, adhesive roll and correction tape.

Natalie’s illustrations reflect her long-time involvement and passion for fashion, starting from her studies at St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London, a celebrated school where she also lectured. Her sketchbooks embody treasures where her artistic innovations and narrations are let loose and developed. These unique paper-cut illustrations, linear drawings, doodles and patterns are then fine-tuned to form compositions that are used as prints for textiles, stationery and apparel.



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