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Rebekka Stange

Rebekka Stange was born in Wuppertal 1984. She is an artist and costume designer. 2013 she completed her studies of costume design at the University of Arts Berlin with Prof. Florence von Gerkan with distinction. Her thesis "Kenya in my mind" refers to the current style of dress in Kenya, Africa. She traveled for two months in Kenya and created an extensive photo documentation about Kenyan everyday clothing with numerous interviews with locals. It is a conceptual work, which was realized then in Berlin in a mounted photo studio and deals with background thoughts about the balance between national manufactured clothing and of imported second-hand goods of the west.

For over five years, there is a continuous collaboration with the film director Julian Pörksen where she has worked as a costume designer for the films "Sometimes we sit iand think and sometimes we just sit" (2011), "Geschwister" (2012), "Harry & Dirk "(2015) and" Whetever happens next "(2016). She also did the costume design for art film "Die Fremden" in collaboration with the video artist Aernout Mik, Ruhrtriennale 2016.

Her artistic work extends from the composition and research of various media such as costume design, textile, drawing, painting and photography. In addition to her work in film, she works for various opera houses in Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Paris and Dusseldorf. Rebekka Stange lives and works in Dusseldorf and Berlin.


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