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January 29, 2015

Nati con la Camicia Backpacks: Vogue Italy’s Hot for 2014

Nati con la Camicia Backpacks: Vogue Italy’s Hot for 2014-ZigZagZurich

Nati con la Camicia is an Italian accessory brand started in 2o10 by two 21 year old Italians passionate about Italian craftsmanship.  Their love of fresh, humorous Italian design mixed with hand made production born the brand Nati con la Camicia, which means born with the lucky shirt.

In their first collection “Portafogli”, they took a classic product and reinvented it, a shirt cuff became a wallet made from from contrasting pieces of Italian shirt fabric. The bi-contrasting fabrics characterise most of their accessories, with their unique attention to detailing.   All of the products are hand made in Italy in limited production, using high quality locally sourced fabrics, leathers and more.

Recently selected by Vogue Italy as one of the Top Accessory Talents of 2014 along with other major household brands, their reputation as creating original and innovative products continues to grow.  Corso Como in Milan asked them to produce a limited edition Capsule Collection, another indication of the strong design ethos of the brand.

ZigZagZurich collaborates with Nati con la Camicia, our love of unique fabric designs and textures mixed with quirky Italian style is what first attracted them to us, leading to the creation of unique pieces.

In their newest collection “Zaini” , Nati con la Camicia remade the rucksack in their own unique style. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Denim with Houndstooth Check

The black detail in the edging and straps contrasts perfectly against the blue, and highlight the details in the design.


Prince of Wales Tweed with Oxford Blue

A classic tweed gets a modern twist in this backpack with white contrasting, blue oxford pockets and tan leather trim.


Camo with Houndstooth

In “Camo with Houndstooth” Nati con la Camicia found the prefect camo fabric to compliment the blue Houndstooth. Street style meets Italian chic!!


Tweed with Oxford Blue

The grey of the tweed is a perfect tonal match for the Oxford Blue fabric, and the light colours make this rucksack an excellent choice for summer.


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