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July 31, 2020

Stylish Summer Must-Haves

Stylish Summer Must-Haves-ZigZagZurich

The days are getting longer and warmer. It’s time to spend our time outdoor at the river, park, beach or also at home on the balcony or terrace for an apero or dinner. We have come up with 4 things you need to fully appreciate the warmer weather and enjoy your days and evenings outdoor.

Heading to the beach or river with our favourite beach towel “Gelato”

Whether you go to the beach this summer or cool down in the Limmat in Zurich after work, the right beach towel is a must. With our favourite beach towel “Gelato” by Michele Rondelli you get ultimate comfort and style. The whole Beach Towels Collection is a pure tribute to summer on the Riviera with ice-creams inspired designs. A retro taste, joyful and colorful, reminiscing the Italian summer of the 60s.

Transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat with Outdoor Curtains

An outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to sit and have a cup of coffee before you start your day. Our Outdoor Curtains create an elegant look and serve as a screen, as a windbreak and UV protection in one. In addition to that our outdoor curtains give you a bit of privacy. Having a balcony can give you an amazing vantage point on your surroundings. However, on the other hand, it also means you can be seen by everyone. Add a stylish outdoor curtain and get a cozy space with some privacy.

Add some Raffia Pillows to your new cozy outdoor (or indoor) space

Your terrace our balcony can become an extension of your living room. Quality, comfortable furniture covered in attractive textiles is a must-have on this season’s balcony. Pillows add so much personality to the different rooms of our homes, but sometimes they get overlooked as an outdoor addition. Elevate your outdoor space to a resort-worthy retreat with a comfortable and cool pair of pillows. The pillows of the new Raffia Pillows Collection are woven in bright colors. A summer journey, beach life vibes, bringing the laidback atmosphere that summer is all about to your homes. Raffia is a sustainable fiber woven from palm trees, that is both durable yet soft. Used in fashion for shoes and bags, our collection is ideal for indoor or outdoor.

The infinite use of the Artist Cotton Blankets

The best blankets for summer or winter, for home or around, to keep you cozy on the sofa or stylish at the beach. Big enough to not fight with the sand – that inevitably ends up on your feet – and thick enough to not burn yourself when you lay down on the beach at the sun. Our cotton blankets can be used anywhere - home, garden, beach, pool, picnic - a design statement wherever you go! They are a fantastic year-round choice.

Written by ZZZ Team

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