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Acoustic Curtains

The ZigZagZurich range of acoustic curtains is perfect for homes, commercial buildings, hotels, and more! Woven with technical yarns, our acoustic curtains are made to order and can be made in any size. Plus, they're flame retardant using special yarns, including high-performance Trevira CS yarns.

Acoustic curtains offer a world of benefits, primarily related to sound absorption and noise reduction. 


Noise Reduction:

Acoustic curtains are designed to absorb sound waves, reducing noise levels within a room. They can help minimise outside noises such as traffic, construction, or neighbours, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment indoors.

Improved Acoustics:

In addition to reducing external noise, acoustic curtains can also enhance the acoustics within a room. By absorbing echoes and reverberations, they contribute to clearer sound quality, making them beneficial for spaces where audio quality matters, such as home theatres, recording studios, or conference rooms.


Acoustic curtains can provide increased privacy by blocking sound from entering or leaving a room. This is particularly useful in offices, medical facilities, or residential spaces where confidentiality or peace and quiet are desired. Some acoustic curtains also offer thermal insulation properties, helping to regulate room temperature by reducing heat transfer through windows. This can lead to energy savings by decreasing the need for heating and cooling, which is great for the environment!

Aesthetic Enhancement:

Acoustic curtains come in various colours, textures, and designs, allowing them to complement the decor of a space. They can add a stylish and contemporary touch while serving a practical function, which is a win-win!
Versatility: Acoustic curtains are the perfect solution for both permanent and temporary noise control needs! They can be hung in various settings, including homes, offices, schools, theatres, and hospitality venues.


Unlike some other soundproofing solutions, such as wall insulation or double-glazed windows, acoustic curtains offer a non-invasive way to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels. The best part? You can install them without major renovations or structural changes to the building!

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Acoustic curtains are specially designed curtains that help reduce noise levels in a room. They are made with sound-absorbing materials that can dampen and block out unwanted sounds, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Acoustic curtains work by using special materials that absorb and block sound waves. These curtains often have multiple layers, including soundproofing linings, to effectively reduce noise from outside and inside the room.

Our acoustic curtains are available in various widths and lengths to fit most windows.

ZigZagZurich offers standard sizes:

  • Widths: 100cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, and 500cm.
  • Lengths: 294cm and 300cm.

For custom sizes, please contact us at sales@zigzagzurich.com .

Acoustic curtains should be dry-cleaned to maintain their quality and soundproofing properties. Avoid machine washing or using harsh detergents, as this can damage the fabric and reduce their effectiveness. Regularly vacuuming with a soft brush attachment can help keep them clean and dust-free.

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