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September 17, 2021

ZigZagZurich Mattress and Pillow Program

ZigZagZurich Mattress and Pillow Program-ZigZagZurich

After two years collaboration of a team composed by medical consultants, scientists, engineers and manufacturers, we are excited to launch the new ZigZagZurich SMART FOAM SLEEP (SFS) mattress and pillow program. Researched and designed from A to ZZZ for the ultimate nights comfort.

It is the result of a collaboration with one of the world’s leading foam and latex technology companies, combined with Italian craftsmanship.

Mattress from ZigZagZurich

As a sign of our social responsibility and with Swiss roots, we focus on local production within a radius of max. 500 kms. With our own ateliers, we have direct control of what, how, and under which social and environmental conditions our products are produced. An ‘industrial handmade’ quality standard is important to us. Our own mattress program is the logical complement to our creative product range.

Mattress from ZigZagZurich

Our new SMART FOAM SLEEP Mattress and pillow program uses high-tech, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, breathable, anti-allergic foam materials designed to be comfortable, supportive and safe. Our 5-layer SFS technology starts from the load bearing core base, adding layers of Active Foam+, W-Gel, Latexcel (Latex Foam) and Extrapur M-Foam. Each layer within the mattress work together in harmony.

Mattress Layers

Our SMART FOAM SLEEP (SFS) Mattress comes in all standard formats but also custom sizes. The head pillows are available in two materials and two shapes: The "Natural Latex" and the "Watergel" pillow, - both breathable, antibacterial, antiallergic, non-toxic. To ensure best comfort they come in "Double wave" or "Classic" shape, depending mainly on the way you sleep, side sleeper or back sleeper. Natural Latex"Classic" pillow  Watergel Pillow "Double wave" pillow 

For a savvy rest, completely natural: ZigZagZurich launches the Two Layer Natural Latex Mattress. Natural latex is made of sap harvested from rubber trees. The bark of the tree heals rapidly being able to yield latex as long as 30 years. Natural Latex is breathable and discourages buildup of moisture and heat in the mattress interior. The core 20cm natural latex has an additional 5cm natural latex topper added, both layers working in harmony to provide natural support and comfort.

  Mattress from ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich NATURLATEX mattress made of certified natural latex is the most natural, organic and healthy alternative with excellent lying properties and ideal for allergy sufferers. Our natural latex is strictly controlled for harmful substances and is a healthy, sustainable natural material of the highest eco-quality. In contrast to the compressing of latex layers, we produce our natural latex only as single blocks, which are then cut to size. The unique honeycomb structure is breathable and, thanks to its ergonomic point elasticity, provides optimal pressure relief for every sleep type. The mattress consists of two natural latex layers. The lower 20cm layer provides support, while the upper 5 cm layer, which is slightly more finely perforated, provides comfort. With its natural ergonomic properties, high density and natural elasticity, it provides optimal pressure relief for each body zone.

Mattress Rendering NATURALATEX

Written by ZZZ Team

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