About a third of the day is spend in bed. There is nothing better than a cozy long sleep in your favorite bedding and to ensure its freshness and conditions for a longer time, we have put together our tips for the correct care of your bedding.  

When to wash your bedding

The three things which come in direct contact with your skin are your sheets, your pillows and duvet covers. How often to wash them is a personal preference, but it's a good idea to launder them weekly. Because of the direct contact with your skin they need a higher washing frequency than your pillows and duvets which should be washed every three to six months. 

How to wash and store your bedding 

To wash your bedding use warm rather than hot water (hot water can shrink them). To protect the color we recommend washing printed and colored pillowcases and duvets inside out. If you're worried about discoloration, try removing cosmetics and face lotions before you head to sleep, since many skin products contain oxidizing agents that can actually bleach sheets. When it comes to drying your bedding, you should tumble dry them according to the label's instructions and remove them before they're fully dry to help minimize wrinkles. If you want your bedding to look like new, iron it before putting into the storage. 


1. Mid Grey Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding 2. Casso by B.D.Graft Artist Bedding 3. Nickel Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding 4. Blue Melange Linen Bedding 5. White Panama Linen Bedding 6. Anthracite Vintage Egyptian Cotton Bedding