We are always looking forward to the beginning of Spring and it's also the perfect time to restyle rooms and bring new products and colors into our homes. 
We put together 4 things for which the beginning of Spring is just right.

1. Flip your mattress 
When was the last time you've flipped your mattress? 
If you didn't do it within the last four months, now is the time to do it. Mattresses are products of daily use. In order to protect and clean them, you should flip and vacuum at least every three to four months.

2. Change your pillows 
With the beginning of Spring, everything around us comes to new life: the days are getting longer, the flowers blossom and the nature shows us amazing bright colors. Bring these colors into your home with a pair of new pillows. Discover our range of pillows and let them shine bright in your home. 

pillows moodboard
1. OSMOSIS pillow 2. STONEWASHED Denim pillow 3. BONNIE & CLYDE pillow 4. TERRAZZO pillow 5. BONNIE & CLYDE pillow 6. COOPDPS Pillow 

3. Let the light shine into your home 
The days are getting warmer and brighter. In order to enjoy the light in your home, choose an Extra Wide Linen Curtain: letting the light in but keeping the privacy as well. We use the finest linen that is certified "Belgium Master of Linen". We finish the curtains by hand in our atelier in Italy. "Extra Wide Curtain" means that instead of many small curtains hanging to cover a window, with our collection you can have just one curtain creating a wall of stunning fabric in different colors for your home.

1. BELIZE sand / stone Linen & Cotton Curtain 2. PANAMA white Linen Curtain 3. Pure White linen Curtain 

4. Say NO to plastic
Spring is the right time to replace your old shower curtain with one of our high quality Panama cotton printed shower curtains. Once printed, we then treat the cotton with a special acrylic coating, which seals the cotton making it waterproof and mold proof, yet still soft to touch like real Panama cotton.

 1. BLOSSOM Cotton Shower Curtain 2. HEEP Cotton Shower Curtain 3. POMO Cotton Shower Curtain 4. THE BATHROOM Cotton Shower Curtain 5. Roy'Ally Clean Cotton Shower Curtain 6. LIMELIGHT Cotton Shower Curtain