ZigZagZurich becomes proudly a member of the label "Made in Zurich” showing a strong connection with the city of Zurich and our belief in local artisanal craftsmanship!

Made in Zurich is convinced that in an active and vibrant city the production of goods should and will be given greater importance again.


The city is in upheaval: retail space is dwindling, offices stand empty. Production is in upheaval: digitization & automation allow decentralized production and shorter, closed production chains in smaller areas, closer to the consumer. Artisanalization, on the other hand, makes production part of the product experience and places it at the center of value creation. It makes sense (again) to produce in the city.


The "Made in Zürich Initiative" is a platform that unites "urban productivists" of all colors - from fashion and furniture makers, soap makers and food kings to high-tech companies and industrial firms - under one label that can be worn with pride. For products that are manufactured in Zurich, they create an official designation of origin with "Made in Zurich".