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June 13, 2018

Sleep better this summer: choose a natural bedding

Sleep better this summer: choose a natural bedding-ZigZagZurich

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. For this reason, the environment we sleep in has a big importance and impact on our health. The best bedding to sleep in – especially during summer – is made of natural fibers such as linen and cotton. Natural materials are fantastic body temperature regulators, keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing comfortable sleep and keeping you feeling fresher during the summer nights as they encourage ventilation.


Natural linen is the summer trend material of the moment. With its open texture, it’s perfect for warmer weather as extremely light. Perfect for people who overheat easily because it is heat-regulating. Linen is a good choice for allergy suffers as well, because of its hypoallergenic and antistatic properties.

Take a look at our “Check linen” bedding and the smaller version “Mini Check linen”, two wonderful mid weight yarn dyed beddings.

Another beautiful option for your bedroom is the “Melange linen”, also yarn dyed, whom yarns’ mix creates a  mélange coloring effect due to the mix of the blue and white yarns. 

The heaviest, and most special linen of our range of linens, is the “Panama linen” available in different colors. And remember: the more it is used, the softer it gets and the stronger it becomes!


The Egyptian cotton is well-known for being the best cotton in the world. Its softness, long fibers and strength make it extremely durable. Our Egyptian cotton bedding are yarn dyed. That makes the color very intense compared to piece-dyed fabrics (colored only after the fabric has been woven).

Our Made in Italy production, means a lot of care and high quality products. After weaving the fabric, we wash it in hot bath and leave to dry. This special process makes the bedding softer and creates a beautiful vintage effect.

Discover our wide color range of exclusive handmade Italian Egyptian cotton luxury bedding and choose it for a better sleep.


Our organic cotton bedding are made from 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The cotton is woven in our mills in Italy giving you both the highest quality and the traditional craftmanship of Italian weaving. Each bedding item is finished by hand in our atelier in Italy.

Restyle and refresh your bedroom this summer by simply changing the bedding.

Written by ZZZ Team

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