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September 16, 2020

Sustainable Hemp Ready Made Curtain Collection

Sustainable Hemp Ready Made Curtain Collection-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich is pleased to announce the New Hemp Curtain Collection. In its commitment to continuous improvement and respect for the environment, ZigZagZurich looked at sustainable, alternative fibres to produce new drapery fabrics. The latest development is the new Hemp Curtain Collection using Hemp yarns, produced from the Cannabis sativa variety authorized for the industry.

Hemp fibers are among the most versatile natural fibers that have evolved for textiles, being able to achieve fabrics of great finesse, flexibility and longevity. Hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires very little water and doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or transgenic seeds for cultivation. As an additional advantage for the environment, hemp improves soil health by replenishing vital nutrients and preventing erosion.

ZigZagZurich Hemp Curtains have unique properties as they don’t deform, are protected against UV rays and are antimicrobial. The fabric doesn’t discolor easily and remains with the same shape and color even after multiple washes.

Our first collection with the Hemp Fabric encapsulates a modern, natural look combined with our signature range of colors – from earthy tones to vibrant Mediterranean hues. With the use of Hemp fabric we created a sustainable Hemp Ready Made Curtain Collection which is not only appealing but also environmentally friendly. Woven in Europe handmade in Italy.

Hemp Curtain

Cannab Hemp and Organic Cotton Curtains - Beige 03

Cannab Hemp and Organic Cotton Curtains - Nude Pink 09

Cannab Hemp and Organic Cotton Curtains - Nude Pink 09


Hemp and Organic Cotton Curtains 

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