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October 16, 2018

Artist Wool Blankets Collection FW 18/19

Artist Wool Blankets Collection FW 18/19-ZigZagZurich

The new ZigZagZurich Artist Wool Blankets Collection adds an exciting new roaster of artists from around the globe. From the experimental work of Mexico based artist Daniel Barreto to the Swiss works of Michele Rondelli and Sophie Probst. The new Collection is inspired by art & graphics - from Pop Art to Bauhaus, spray paint effects, clear and bold stripes and geometric overlapping. The new "twisted yarns" give a unique melange effect.

Sol Entre Ondas by Daniel Barreto

Gunta by Sophie Probst & Michele Rondelli 

Ombre by Michele Rondelli

Heroes by Michele Rondelli 

A faux pas by Sophie Probst

Checkmate by Michele Rondelli 

A melange by Michele Rondelli 

Bauhaused 3 by Michele Rondelli 

Bauhaused 4 by Michele Rondelli 

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